Saturday, May 13, 2017

ISIS in Louisiana?

Vox Day juxtaposes two events, separated by half the Earth, that demonstrate the bigotry which infests the hateful Left.

In Iraq, ISIS destroys artifacts from the 7th century BC. Religious bigotry.

In Louisiana, the Left destroys historical artifacts of a century and a half ago. Racial bigotry.

Both acts represent the intent to abolish the history which the aggressors don't like. In the west, many statues and named structures have been stripped in order to soothe the sensibilities of Leftists who want just their own views represented, and history to start with themselves.

It is important to remove any cohering influences from a society which you wish to conquer. History of the west has been removed from universities for decades now. Many millennials demonstrate little to no knowledge of their heritage, or the cultural development of the society which now coddles them, and makes them into quivering, weeping but demanding, irascible parasites.

By perpetuating their ignorance of historical and philosophical history, this population becomes ripened for utopian theories without any knowledge of the history of such theories or their actual outcomes in just the ten decades. Although prosperous and spoiled, they become incensed at manufactured perceptions of oppression, without knowing what actual oppression looks like. In a sense, they are programmed into Marxism, without ever hearing the name, Karl Marx.

The antifa crowd is a cult movement. The cult has no concept of fascism, which they charge against those attempting free speech. They are the cult of Marx, and culture warfare in pursuit of domination.

The removal of history from culture is a Hate Crime. It should be treated as a Hate Crime... against Humanity.

In Louisiana, the bigotry of the Left matches the bigotry of ISIS.

[HT: Vox Day]

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