Saturday, May 20, 2017

Planned Parenthood: The Superpower Which Slays

If there's anything we've learned from Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers) over the years, it's this — every single one of us has a hero inside; and it's our responsibility to use our superpowers to slay.
Planned Parenthood.
Yep. They slay some 300,000 preborn humans every year. Slaying is easy. It actually takes no superpower at all. It merely takes a void where the conscience ought to be.

And that's an interesting subject. The Left rejects everything associated with received wisdom. The reason is obvious: they want full control, and allowing oneself to be subject to received wisdom means surrendering control to a higher level. So they reject all types of morality and material wisdom in favor of their own opinions, which they worship as the higher existence.

There becomes no possible violation of received wisdom which the AtheoLeft will not cheerfully violate, and do so with imperious self-righteousness. For them, morality means violating all of the received wisdom that comes their way, calling that received wisdom evil even though they reject the very concept of evil.

The AtheoLeftist inversions of moral principles are blatant and easily seen. In the case of Planned Parenthood, there is no "do not kill", or, "do no harm". Killing is what abortion is. And killing is specifically "harm".

The inversions of moral principles extend to politics with special violence; self-righteous, self-moral violence. When a member of the herd of the Othered (immoral deplorables) gets elected, that is a reassertion of received wisdom which is "immorally" in control. It then becomes the duty of the self-endowed, self-righteous, self-idolizing AtheoLeft to rid the world of this (these) immoral deplorables, and there is no moral constraint regarding the "how" for doing it.

The essence of the AtheoLeft is that they have no morality which is congruent with historical western society, that moral construction which is fundamentally Christian-based. That received morality is hated, as are the Christians who stick to it as much as possible. So hate becomes part of the set of values which the AtheoLeft has bestowed upon themselves. It's no longer a difference in social policies, no longer a difference in carefully reasoned deductions, no longer a value of tolerance. Now it is reductively distilled into pure hatred of the Other. Pure hatred: the top value of the AtheoLeft.

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