Thursday, May 11, 2017

Soooo Entertaining, This Political Season Is

A question which contains the answer to itself...
But how can anyone, Republican or Democrat, seriously say that Comey didn’t have it coming, big-time?

“You’re stuck with me,” he smugly told an audience at Boston College recently, “for another 6 1⁄2 years.”

Actually not.


Matt P said...

This is incredible. I've been laughing till I cried for three hours just reading these stories about corrupt lying dirt bag Trump and his clown car administration. This is from his interview with the Economist:

I get more deductions, I mean I can tell you this, I get more deductions, they have deductions for birds flying across America, they have deductions for everything. There are more deductions … now you’re going to get an interest deduction, and a charitable deduction. But we’re not going to have all this nonsense that they have right now that complicates things and makes it … you know when we put out that one page, I said, we should really put out a, you know, a big thing, and then I looked at the one page, honestly it’s pretty well covered. Hard to believe.

Stan said...

Trump thinks faster than his mouth works, or so it appears to me. Assuming that he actually said all that, the meaning is clear: current tax law is full of loop-holes for the rich. Democrats and Republicans alike put into tax law sufficient loop-holes to allow the rich and poor to skip payment of taxes at all. Tax law punishes the honest middle class.

Trump is talking about a flat tax, no loop-hole tax, one page. Everybody pays the same. Egalitarian. I agree.

But it can't happen because the Democrats in particular want to use taxes to social-engineer, e.g., promoting single motherhood welfare with stipends for every child, for example. Republicans want to stimulate the economy with reduced taxes on investment, a loop-hole not available to the poor.

It would take an act of God to get fair taxation. Trump wants it, but he'll not get it.

Hunter said...

It's amusing that Trump thought removing Comey would stop the investigation of his Russian links. But mostly I'm just sad. Trump always seems so sad and confused. The only time he has seemed genuinely happy was in the photos Russia released of him meeting with the Russian spies...
My guess is Republicans will grit their teeth is try and keep Trump on as long as they need to get a lock on the courts.

Stan said...

Nah, Trump didn't think that at all. What Trump needs to do is demand a special prosecutor to push the FBI to complete their "investigations". They've been "investigating" Hillary for dozens of months now, keeping her free to meddle in politics. She needs to be in an orange pantsuit. The FBI needs to reveal what it knows about Trump, and get it over with, instead of fueling politics of hatred by the Left with no evidence whatsoever.

The FBI has been politicized, except no one knows whose side they are on. That makes them one of the deep state actors, and until they clean up their act, they are under suspicion of treachery against elected officials.

Here's what I suspect: at the bottom of all of this will be found Obama. The FBI fears the race backlash that will occur when Obama is charged. Cities will burn, no question about it. Because all of his administration - coincidentally - black and/or women - are implicated; Rice should be the first to go. Maybe Comey was trying to avoid a full-on war.

Hunter said...

"Nah, Trump didn't think that at all."
He said this on Thursday's interview on NBC. I'm sure he's already said the opposite or will soon.

Stan said...

Guess I missed that. If he said that, it was a very stupid thing to say. He needs to get this Russia thing cleared up by objective sources somehow.

Matt said...

Watch this guy reports, lots of sources and no exaggeration

Stan said...

OK. I watched your Leftist Millennials completely convict Trump based on their presuppositions of malfeasance, and while completely neglecting any other inputs to the story.

Now it's your turn to watch some of the rest of the story, if you wish to have that information which those guys neglected. BTW, neglecting facts is the way the Leftist MSM tries to keep the populace in the dark, and believing only Leftist MSM output.

No matter what Trump did, he would be blamed. If he kept Comey, well everybody knows that Comey nuked Clinton, so he's gonna protect Trump, because he's biased. If he fired Comey, well everybody knows that Trump has to be guilty in order to do that.

His temporary replacement at the FBI is a Clinton operative apparently; why would Trump want that? Why have there been massive leaks from the FBI for years now, and nothing about any evidence looking bad for Trump? Did the FBI suddenly go straight? Or is there no evidence to leak?

Info here:

Matt said...

Leftist MSM!?
Clearly, you had never heard of Parkman before, didn't watch any of his content, and decided to complain because he's too young for you to give him any credibility.
Well I guess we should just ignore old folks lile you then. You're dying off and are becoming irrelevant anyway.
Poor grandpa, he doesn't know what he's saying anymore... let's just nod and smilr when he speaks as to not offens him, and move on with our lives.

Stan said...

By all means, move on with your lives. When you believe someone who presents only half the story (the half you want to hear, and no more), you are only half a person yourself. When you believe that such a faulty presentation is a good presentation, you are only half educated and completely non-analytical. Many to most Millennials are only half educated at the maximum; many of them are completely drenched in Leftist emotionalism which says,

"There, there, sweetie, did the bad man upset you? Wanna pet the puppy and have a warm cookie?"

But that condescension is never enough, because tantrums (and childish name calling) are required to get what you want.

Parkman did exactly what I said he did: presented half a story, ignored the rest, and convicted based on that. In other words, he's a Leftist troll.

You can't stand hearing the truth, because you are the same thing. Maybe you'll grow up, maybe not. Most millennials will not ever grow up, because they see no need to think outside their childhood box. Their cloister of pseudo-morality comforts them. I know this because I got educated. And I've watched the cheap seats, play-like-Marxist communists for decades, and they are all the same, basically. They know everything, and hear nothing. They cherry-pick factoids and ignore half or more of the evidence, because they WANT it to be true. And what they want is the most important factoid because it cancels out all the real facts.

Here's a clue: the antifa kids don't even know what fascism actually is. They are the Brown Shirts, the KKK, the Red Army (cheap children's version), the Cultural Revolutionaries, the Khmer Rouge, the Shining Path, the Sandinistas of the Left. Parkman is part of the propaganda arm, who uses partial truth to manipulate the emotions of the Useful Idiots. Denying the freedom of speech to anyone who is not them is exactly Hitlerian or Hegelian Leninist. They're all the same - deranged by their utopia-by-slaughter mania.

The Left is, that which they claim to hate. The Left does, that which they claim to hate. The Left is exactly deranged.

Matt said...

Still blocking comments, snowflake?

Matt said...

Ah yes you are!

Watch this: it's what David arguing with you would look like it seems. Some confused dude spitting logical fallacies, making broad statements that make no sense, calling others evil, or deranged if you prefer.

Matt said...