Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Suicide Pact?

The Left wholly owns the MSM, Hollywood, and the bi-coastal and Blue model cities. And they lost to Trump. By increasing their rancor and hatred, they seem to think that will return the votes of the masses to re-enable the tricameral power they previously enjoyed. But will it?

They have removed their masks and revealed their core values. Instead of occupying the left end of a bell curve, they are on a completely removed bell curve outside and beyond rational discussion. No longer even attempting to argue rationally, they have moved into the violence of absurd rhetoric designed to infuriate the weak minded. That part has succeeded. But how many weak minded, irrational utopians can a western society produce at one time?

Their call to violence now is "the Summer of Resistance", which will garner a few more Antifa kids, and a few to acquire guns they can't handle safely. Summer is nearly here. Stay away from crowds.
The Media-Democratic Party Suicide Pact
Never the party of goodwill, tolerance, Free Speech, the Democrats started as the Party of Slavery. Then they were the Party of War to keep slavery. Then they were the Party of Discrimination and Segregation and the KKK. They became the Party of Big Government and Government Oppression Via Welfare-Victimhood-Class Marxist Culture War. they have always been the Party of Flexible Morals a la Alinsky. Their intent to destroy the republic has always been posted on their selective utopian sleeves and on their hearts and minds. They are the Big Tent of hive think. And they hate everyone outside the tent with a visceral severity found only amongst the violently insane.

They will be on the streets and on every screen this summer. They will be hailed as the resistance and anti-fascist. Everything about them will be evil.

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