Friday, June 30, 2017

About Damned Time: Another Trump Win

Justice Department gives up Washington Redskins name fight


Header said...

Pretty much the only wins Trump gets... tiny inconsequential stuff.


Stan said...

When Trump behaves just like the "journalists" behave, they freak out because they thought that throwing feces was their private domain.

Trump is doing just what he was hired to do: take the Left down, and restore constitutional (legal) government. He's still working on both, and he is in the demolition stage which will last a long time. He will emerge unscathed, because at least half the nation has been spit on by the Left, and we don't care at all what Trump does to them. Whatever it takes, or as BLM sloganizes, By Any Means Necessary.

The Left has made clear: it's either them, or it's war. Well, it's not them, so it's war, isn't it. War is not pretty, the Left is not pretty, the conflict will be very, very ugly.

Criticizing the ugliness of the war no longer has any meaning.

Header said...

He's doing everything he can to undermine the institutions of this country!! He's the very definition of a selfish authoritarian.

Bret said...

But what has the Left done to YOU? Or even someone like you?! That's what's absurd with Trumpists. They whine about non-existent problems, or stuff that doesn't even affect them.

Blacks are profiled, harassed, killed, but poor white guys get fired for spitting out racist slurs so it's even.
BLM should go home.

Transgender folks are harassed, discriminated against, and forced to use a bathroom that they don't feel comfortable using, but oh no, poor white families might feel discomfort when someone different enter the bathroom at the same time. LGBTQ folks should go home.

Refugees are not welcomed anymore because some of them might just be bad, so let them go home and get killed, it's better for us here.

Millions of people will lose healthcare come January, some of them will die from it, but oh no, peoplr who are already insured had to pay a bit more so now it's much better. Uninsured folks should go home... if they are alive.

You're happy about that, right? Fuck all of these people who have it tougher than the average white American, they don't deserve the same chances, it's their fault for being poor, or having a pre-condition, or being refugee from thr wrong country, just fuck them, nobody cares about them, espceially not Jesus because we're a Christian nation after all so, ya, Jesus wouldn't like them either.

Stan said...

I told you not to change names using phony i.d. and come back.

Stan said...

Which institutions is Trump undermining? Which institutions are not corrupt in the Federal Gov't? Which president said, "I don't need Congress; I can do what I want, because I have a phone and a pen."? Which president (and secretary of state) destroyed Libya in an undeclared war, and left it in chaos to be taken over by terrorists, including ISIS and Boko Haram? Which president delegated authority to make military descisions... to the military?

It is clear that you prefer to claim what Trump "is", rather than what he has done. Given that you are a Leftist, you probably hesitate to concede that what Trump has done is to begin the dismantling of the unconstitutional structures (e.g. Deep State), and calling out the lying Leftist MSM for what it actually is, and we know that it is.

While I realize your angst for the loss of cultural mind control in the Leftist March Through The Institutions, I have no sympathy: none. The people of the Left have constantly spit on the Other Class, with invectives invented as political curses (misogyny, raaaaacism, patriarchy, privilege, microaggressions, etc, etc). We of the Other Class who have been thus cursed no longer care what the Left thinks or feels. We realize that we must do more than merely marginalize the metastasizing Leftist mind cancer: we must eradicate it, for our own survival. The Left has made that clear. There is to be no compromise, much less actual tolerance of the Other.

Sorry to burst your bubble, and yet not sorry at all. The Leftist bicoastal bubble absolutely must be destroyed.

Donald Trump was selected to destroy it.

So pucker up.

Stan said...

I think I will turn this last exchange into a post.

Anonymous said...

There's nobody commenting here, you realize that right? 90% of posts are fake users just to annoy you...

Steven Satak said...

I am commenting here. So your 'nobody' claim is crap, understand? Crap.

This is why anonymous comments get deleted. Because cowardice and good sense just don't mix.