Thursday, June 15, 2017

Actual Women vs. Not Actual Women

Women-only ‘full nudity’ spa’s ‘no male genitals’ rule ignites transgender debate
Some women seem to think that only males have penises. In today's culture anyone can have a penis, and that is now a holy cultural standard. The concept that transgenders, male to female, are really just males with really screwed up hormones supplemented with serial cosmetic surgeries is considered culturally heretical. So it must be the minds of the trannies which are female, not their penises. Still, if they are seriously female-brained, why is the penis-removal not the very first surgery which they pay for?

Cis-females exist who have no ovaries, no uterus, no clitoris, and are without any truly identifiable physical features which are necessary and sufficient to classify them as female. But they do not have penises.

For transgenders, even the Adam's Apple can be "shaved" to resemble the female throat. With the installation of an artificial vagina, artificial boobs, gallons of estrogen, they could be externally indistinguishable from females. But if they have all that AND a penis... well, they are not female, and they cannot pretend to be.

So the trannies who are rejected for having penises are correctly judged as being not-female; and if the rules dictated female-only, then penis bearing trannies are excluded. They can be included when they get rid of the penis. But they seem to want it both ways, to be a female with a penis, and simultaneously to be a male with lots of estrogen injections, fully reversible to cis-male, if they wish.

In other words, transgenders from male to female who keep their penis are hypocritical if they claim full rights of females.

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