Sunday, June 18, 2017

Alexandra, and Consequences of Leftist Bushwa

In the imperiously virtue-signalling Alexandra, a virtue-assassination on Republicans played out. Fortunately (so far) this Leftist virtue-assassin couldn't shoot well enough to actually get a kill. But he at least died virtuously, even though in a diametric shift of pretend attitude, the Left pretended to be against hate and violence all of a sudden.
Ignoring the Signs in Alexandria: Baseball, Bullets, and Bloodshed
Made very welcome in the "like-minded community:
Hodgkinson had murder on his mind, and his trek to the Washington, D.C., suburbs points at a small universe of targets. He came to kill Republicans -- the more conservative, the better.

There’s no disputing that Hodgkinson’s political views were right at home in Del Ray – even the New York Times headline “In Congressman’s Shooting a-Like Minded Gunman Shakes a Liberal Enclave” makes that plain enough.

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