Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blind Spot

It seems conclusive now that Trump has a serious and problematic blind spot. That is Ivanka and Jerrod. The first problematic occurrence was the bombing of the Syrian air field in response to the fake gas attack on citizenry. Apparently that was Trump's response due to Ivanka's "hysteria" over the non-event.

But now there is a more open and serious flaw in the judgment of the two... (are they millennials?) They are opening a door placing them only one person removed from the Clintons, a channel which cannot but be wide open. They both have hired Jamie Gorelick as their attorney.

Gorelick has been a serial leftist, and an infamous, destructive Clintonista. Read about her here:
Why is Ivanka Trump Consorting With Clintonista/Obamanik Jamie Gorelick? 9/11 Enabler, Fannie Mae Scammer

When liberal power lawyer Jamie Gorelick represents the Trump family, things can get ugly
Do not doubt the capacity of Gorelick for destruction.

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