Thursday, June 1, 2017

Evergreen "Students" Make Themselves Unemployable

Anti-rational, racist, bullies, ideological disruptionists, and unable to read except with help. These are the observables which are easily taken from the Evergreen "students" who banned whites from coming onto campus for a day, and who demand -by force- that a white professor be fired for defying their demand.

Students Furious Over Release Of Video Depicting Them Going Berserk At College


123 said...

Look, Kushner is talking about you Stan!

Stan said...

I love it. A media member and a comedian call Trump a liar. Trump's record so far shows his actions completely following his stated intentions, despite the treasonous Leftist attempts to stop him. And yet the Left stoops to claim he's a liar. However, there is an actual case to be made about the intentions of Kushner. Trump is doing fine. He will dump the Paris Accord, before the insane Leftist Bilderbergs can have him assassinated.

Dream on, bubble people. Nothing the Left can do will stop the Deplorables from re-taking the country. The Left stupidly believes that attacking Trump will be productive for the Left in 2018. WELL. If anything happens to Trump, the American Deplorables will rise up as one, and the Left will be quite shocked at what happens.

The Left depends entirely on anti-white, anti-semitic, totalitarian, anti-rationalists and hate speech. They have nothing to offer asians, hispanics, whites, and anti-totalitarians. Even the millennials are splitting into camps.

Leftist crazed, hate mongering, shrieking, pampered (diapered), violent, ignorant/stupid tantrums have shown reasonable people what lies in the hearts of the Left. The blame-throwing of loser-Hillary, and the shrill hate invective she employs shows the hearts and values of the Left who still mourn her loss.

Here's what Trump represents: the killer Transformer who will shape-shift as necessary, when necessary, to return the USA to the people of the USA by blocking Leftism, dismantling Obamaism, opening up opportunities again despite the desires of the Left to choke the USA to death, while calling discrimination - Tolerance, welfare - opportunity, whites - evil racists, and allowing men into the girls restrooms and locker rooms and sports teams. The Left is insane.

123 said...

You call an entire group of people insane, and you don't even define that group clearly. They could be Liberasls, Atheists, Leftists, Christians, Conservatives, ex-Trump supporters (his base is shrinking...) etc. These insane people have one thing in common it seems: they disagree with YOU, and especially about Trump being a good candidate and now POTUS. Isn't obvious? YOU ARE INSANE. YOU. THAT 1 CRAZY PERSON WRITING ALONE HERE ON HIS SHITTY BLOG!

Stan said...

Is that all you've got? Really? This post discusses a very specific group of people, a fact which you, in your tantrum, failed to notice. The group is called, if we must call them something, "the racist, hate-mongering, anti-white, pseudo-terrorist, spoiled brat, know-it-all, non-students at Evergreen.

There. That should help you out. If you need more help with your definitions, let me know, and I'll help you again.

Robert Coble said...

Stan, my apology in advance for "touching the troll poop".

As if any "proof" is needed. . .

What lowest level of stupidity is needed to state:


Did someone count "123" for you or did you just copy it uncritically from a math book, having no comprehension of what it means? Math means "magic" so I'll just invoke it.

I'll provide a clue: YOU might just be the 1 CRAZY PERSON writing on this blog, but then that would still make at least two people (and now 3) writing - so that means YOU (a) apparently can't count past 1 (in your closed universe, there is obviously only one inhabitant), and (b) YOU may just be describing YOURSELF as 1 CRAZY PERSON; I'll grant you that much along with your innumeracy.

If this blog is so "shitty," WHY ARE YOU COMMENTING HERE, SHIT-FOR-BRAINS?!?


(1) SJWs always lie!

(2) SJWs always double down!

(3) SJWs always project!

You can now work on a trifecta by providing evidence of (2). You already nailed (1) and (3) perfectly.

Mark said...

Haha as if you're talking just about Evergreen. 123 is right, you lump everyone together because you are an insane conspiracy theorist who shelters himself from the real world. You must love your right-wing blogs and fake news sources.

Stan said...

Mark, 123 - No difference, mentally: same-o. As of now, he is banned - not tall enough for this ride.

Steven Satak said...

I would lump 'Mark' in with him. Sockpuppet. And delerious, into the bargain.