Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fred Finally Explains Multi-Culti and We're Doomed

Oncoming Racial Doom: The Clash of Cultures
I wish I'd known this before I bought all those slaves from those blacks that sold them... Maybe I can take them back and get a refund. Could we all get refunds? Would that solve the national debt? Jes' askin'.

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Robert Coble said...

An interesting aside similar to this topic over on Vox Popoli:

The cost of Black America


If you are a white American, over the course of your lifetime the federal government will, on average and on your behalf, transfer $384,109 of your wealth and income to a single black individual.

According to the data derived from the 2014 federal budget, the average annual net tax/benefit broke down as follows:

White: -$2,795
Black: +$10,016

Over the course of an average 79-year lifespan, a white individual contributes a net $220,805 to the system, whereas over the course of an average 75-year lifespan, a black individual receives a net $751,200. However, since there are 4.6 times more whites than blacks in the USA, the black share has to be divided among the various contributors to sort out a one-to-one comparison.

So, the net cost to the average White American of the average Black American is $384,109. Married? That's $768,218. Got 2 kids? That's $1,536,436. 4 kids? Now we're talking $2,304,654 lifetime.

Diversity is expensive. Now you understand why you won't have much of an inheritance to leave to your children. Do you really think it's worth it? And then, those natural conservatives to the south, the Hispanics, will surely improve the situation, right? After all, immigration helps the economy! Well, not so much.

Hispanic: +7,298

(That's certainly a politically incorrect viewpoint on the statistical data. I wonder why that's NOT a topic that can be discussed n the public square without immediate shouts of "RACISS!"?)