Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oppression Supremacy: Jockying For First Place in the Victimhood Hierarchy

It's Feelgudz when a subgroup of western culture is recognized as a Victimhood Class, thereby obtaining the blessings of the Messiah Class to be unencumbered by common ethics, rules and laws. But there is a hierarchy of Victimhood according to the calculus of the Left. The particular group must fit into the hierarchy in order to receive their reward. For a while the top group in the hierarchy was women and women's rights as determined by prominent radfems. But that was eclipsed by the homosexuals and sexual perversions of all types. But the LGBTQXYZ's have now been marginalized by the Muslims on the one hand, and the Black Lives Matter crowd on the other hand.

So when the homosexuals had their parade, and the BLM blocked their march, the BLM was asserting its dominance in the Leftist power allocation process. The homosexuals were shown to be marginalized by the power of the BLM moverment. Just as the homosexuals had marginalized the feminists earlier, now they have lost their place in the hierarchy.

There still remains the tension between contenders for the top spot, i.e., Muslims vs BLM. This is not really complicated by the existence of black-Muslims, because that sort of intersectionality is also currently all the rage. But many intersectional factions get snubbed, such as black feminists, trans feminists (really men), beta male feminists, ex-Muslim feminists, and the brand new "white anti-whiteness" faction.

There are various attempts to create hierarchy maps and charts on the web, but they are obsolete as soon as they are created. That's because of the all to frequent appearance of new Victimhood groups and subgroups. New Victimood Class groups are needed in order to fan the flagging outrage of the messiahs, say for the oppression of women (old news, not even real, uninteresting after all this time).

And there are fewer groups of folks who can be called "oppressed" by any fevored imagination. Maybe pedophiles some day, but what about the children? Maybe narcissists some day, but they've already got a class: the messiahs.

So they'll have to be very creative in the future. Probably Word Terrorism, or felonious microaggressions, redefined daily.

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