Monday, June 12, 2017

Politics, Morality, and the Left

Leftists will be the first to argue that there is no objective morality. (Their Atheism is thus axiomatic) If there were such an objective and obvious set of behavioral principles, it would mean that the Left would not be the arbiter, and their behaviors would be somewhere between amoral and objectively evil. The Left cannot be wrong - such is the lot of the narcissistic - and thus there can be no objective morality. The Leftist construct of Morality, then is binary: strict yet evanescent rules apply to the herd (all of the non-Left), rules which are discerned by the Left and applied joyfully by the Left to the Other. The Other must be controlled now in preparation for elimination as Deplorables later. Utopia cannot handle Deplorables.

No rules apply to the Moralizing Left. This is easily understood by both observation and deducing what could possibly be the source of moral authority for a class superior to all other classes: only themselves would be considered to have such capability. And besides, it is a precursor to and feature of the wonderful utopia they will create.

So the Left has determined that they, and they alone, have the capacity to declare actions to be moral or immoral, and those actions would necessarily not be their own. They are tautologically moral by both their self-classification as superiors, and by their ability (and necessity) for defining their own morality separately from the morality which they define for the Othered Class. When one defines his own morality, he becomes a moral paragon because he cannot violate a code which he can change instantaneously (Think Muhammad, and the instantaneous increase in his allowable number of wives whenever he viewed a comely woman, married or not). Consequentialism is defined by the ability to define any conceivable objective as moral, which automatically confers morality upon all conceivable means and paths to obtaining that objective.

The Left comes historically from the specific Class which broke apart the Union of the United States in order to defend SLAVERY, resulting in the slaughter of half a million of America's young men in the pursuit of the objective of suppression of black slaves.

The Left comes historically from the Class which racially discriminated against free blacks by using Jim Crow laws and unequal segregation, dogs and fire hoses, along with terrorism via the Ku Kux Klan (hooded and masked arsonists and violent thugs). All in pursuit of their objective of maintaining their racial dominance over blacks.

The Left comes historically from the specific Class which for 100 years opposed all civil rights legislation designed to equalize opportunities for minorities, maintaining their position of white superiority.

The Left comes historically from the Class which created the Democrat Plantation Theory of suppression of blacks via ghetto support using welfare to suppress incentive and destroy families as well as to marginalize black males. All in the pursuit of maintaining white superiority.

It is no wonder then that the Left attacks actual history, because truthful history clearly condemns the actions of the Left, when any standards at all are applied to Leftist history since the beginning of the USA. So in conjunction with redefining terminology to cover for their own evil actions, the Left wishes to eradicate their history by eliminating names on halls, statues reminding us of their history, historical flags such as Confederate, and any other indicators of their own history.

Blame is deflected to the Othered Class, which contains the elements which in reality fought to eradicate slavery, to eradicate racial discrimination, to reduce the impact of the Democrat Plantation for suppression of blacks, to suppress KKK violence and membership, to stop the eugenic, genocidal killing of preborn humans, a practice focused on blacks. This class is now called "racist", "sexist", "homophobic", in the inverted, overheated minds of young Leftists. It is projected as Truth in a universe which contains no Truth.

And yet, they pursue the same policies as they ever have: When they shout "racist", they are blatantly exercising racism as they always have. When they cover their heads, faces and identities and attack the Other, they exercise the same violent terrorism as they always have. When they declare their own superiority and moral authority to condemn anyone who is not them, they foment class war as they always have. Their path is as objectively evil as it always has been.

The Left is materially the same as it always has been: self-declared superior, with moral authority to create the morals for the Other, and the moral authority for themselves to force their secondary morals onto the Other using violence and hatred in whatever quantities they deem necessary and sufficient. The Left is characterized by their hate, their self-elevation to moral authority, and their violence. Violence upon language, upon civil systems such as government bureaucracies, university and education complexes, voting processes, upon speakers for the Othered, upon entire classes of people, from blacks and unborn, to whites, Asians, males, and any perceived non-Leftist, which now are defined as attackable "fascists", completely subverting the meaning of fascism.

For these reasons the Left is the Class War insurgency against all civilized societies. They have for themselves only the morality of the invading barbarian horde and an internal culture of matching barbarism in anti-intellectual concepts and inverted definitions for use in hate speech. When that is coupled with determined anti-rationalism, the resulting Marxist, Leninist, Nietzschean, Comtean, Frankfortian, Cloward/Piven revolutionary fervor is fully expected.

With enough momentum, the Leftist revolution will proceed as is necessary for ultimate hegemonic seizure of humanity. It has succeeded in genocidic siezures before. Stopping that momentum is... problematic.

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