Sunday, July 30, 2017

Segregation, Again

University Bans White And Straight Students From Safe Space
Tribalism at University of Minnesota included this:
RELATED: ‘White Privilege’ Checklist Posted At University Of Minnesota
Actually the list is an obvious artifact of the black privilege of cultural appropriations by making statements of "what it is like" to be white. This of course accentuates the privilege of the Victimhood Classes, which can do no wrong such as racism, sexism, etc., because they have no expectations applied to themselves due to the trauma of their very existence. That makes any and all absurdity to be considered valid, any and all hate speech to be meaningfully deep, any and all violence to be necessary and honorable. This is outside of the western culture, so western culture (white) must be more than just wrong: it is evil.

This is an aspect of Marxist class war as applied to race.

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