Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Problem of "Whiteness": White Shaming and Tribalism in Academia

Conference teaches K-12 educators how to combat ‘whiteness in schools’
Teaching racism against whites has become very popular, it appears.
Professor teaches students about ‘the problem that is whiteness’
By "white-shaming" and blaming black problems on whites, the quasi-educated black "academic" community is setting up a separatist culture which refuses to acknowledge or assimilate into the culture in which they live, and from which they benefit due to their elevated social positions in white-created institutions. Instead of attempting to create paths for assimilation, they set up hate barriers which involve the entire "not-me" population: the white Oppressor Class which is their designated "problem".

What has been created, or at least preserved, is the idea that blacks have a different culture or universe in which they live. Thus whites and white culture is problematic to their own chosen worldview and lifestyle. The conclusion that blacks would be fine if not for whites becomes the inevitable delusion.

If whiteness is their problem, then blackness is their obvious solution. Certainly not assimilation into the whiteness culture.

Teaching racism against whites provides only increased racial angst. Why would we think that increased racial angst is not the actual objective? Yet this sort of destruction will hurt blacks as a class (their own designation) much more than whites.

For example, it has been shown that economically whites are the sole positive economic contributors to sustaining the (admittedly western) culture - both governmental and civil, whereas blacks as a class (their own tribal designation) are an economic drain, receiving far more cash support than they produce. If whites were to be eradicated, blacks as a class (their own tribal designation) would suffer severely due to inability to self-support, much less maintain civilization economic requirements. Thus both government and civil cultures would be quickly dried up, and blacks as a class (their own tribal designation) would descend into internecine chaos and tribal disintegration into sub-classes (local tribes) competing for the remaining scraps... until nothing is left.

Further, the charge of "White Supremacy" is hurled against anyone who finds value in european-derived western culture. We are correct to ask, what culture should replace western culture? And we are led to suspect that black tribal culture is the actual, if unstated objective, and that intersectionalism is not really acceptable to the anti-white racist agit-props.

This suspicion is supported by the observation that "Progressives" never clarify what it is that they are progressing toward, except perhaps Cloward-Piven and a few minor actors in this drama.

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