Thursday, July 20, 2017

We Have Met the Enemy, and He is Us. (*)

The Core Problem

The core problem is not even the New World Order, although all the politicians and apparatchiks who are pouring the fire ants over our heads are disciples or paid servants of the NWO. But we, the electorate of the nations west of the Iron Curtain, keep voting in these same loathsome snoids, over and over again.

And that is the core problem.

It’s clear that the mass media are major prop that keeps the Potemkin village of the Modern Multicultural West upright.

It’s also clear that mass affluence, powered by fiat money, is responsible for keeping the mobile vulgus quiescent most of the time.

But are these enough to explain the apocalyptic cul de sac in which we find ourselves? Or are there additional explanations?
I demur. Without the Gramscian, Nietzschean, Atheist/messianic, narcissistic Left, and the resulting circle of infiltration, indoctrination and maleducation, the culminating ignorant generations could not have resolved to the circle of indoctrinate/vote/indoctrinate/vote. The conquest of minds could not have occurred.

Freedom is not the normal state of human society; totalitarianism is. Freedom must be wrenched away from the Leftist dictators, over and over and over.
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Thos Jefferson

* Pogo.


Leftist said...

But "you" are in power, right now, at every level.

Old Christian Republican White Males control the senate, the congress, the supreme court, and of course, the office of POTUS.

What more do you want exactly?

Freedom is not the normal state of human society; totalitarianism is. Freedom must be wrenched away from the Leftist dictators, over and over and over... so that you can have your own Right-wing totalitarian regime?

Stan said...

Here's Right-wing totalitarianism: Freedom-responders seize control and immediately ruthlessly leave everybody alone. (credit to Sarah Hoyt).

Your comic book cartoon version of constitutional federalism is that it is totalitarian, when in the history of the USA it never has been, except possibly under Lincoln vs. slavery Democrats.

The Left wants rule-free chaos under the banner of Progress Without Actual Morals.

Those to the Right of that insanity feel that the founding documents adequately cover lawful civilization under objective morality which is unchangeable by man, whether Leftist or Rightist.

Chaos is not freedom, it is the precursor of ruthless totalitarianism without a shred of rationality in its claim to science and Enlightenment, logic and evidence. The Scientific Socialism of V.I.Lenin is a salient example.

The American "Right Wing" is not related to either the Facism of Germany or the Communism of the USSR, China, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Cuba, etc. The American Right is slandered as fascist, when it is those constitutional federalists who fought German and Japanese fascists to the ground, then gave them their countries back, and cash to rebuild.

A decent knowledge of actual unbiased history is a huge help in debunking the caricatures spouted falsely by the Lying Left.

Wrenching freedom from dictators in no manner means installing a counter-dictator. That is an irrational conclusion, unless one feels that freedom = totalitarianism. And actually that is precisely what Islam teaches.

Stan said...

And BTW, the constitutionalist federalists are NOT in power at the moment. Republicans include many - too many - RINOs who are spouting Progressive reasoning for blocking legislation intended to reduce federal control of private lives. Republicans cannot control themselves like a battalion, as the Leftists do with their threats of serious retaliation. Freedom has its hazards, one of which is that differing views are allowed, whereas the Left does not allow that, and controls its legislators like a gestapo would.