Monday, August 14, 2017

Charlottesville Police Didn't Stand Down; They Sided With Antifa

Reports are coming out indicating that the C'ville police broke up the Rightists into small groups and pushed them into antifa. The police have stood down in past riots, allowing antifa to attack the Other, but this time they apparently actively participated, on the side of antifa rioters.

The peaceful night torch march was hailed as a success due to the absence of antifa - who didn't know about it.

So the peaceful nature of the demonstrators was fully demonstrated. The police and antifa changed all that the next day.

The tactics will have to change, as historical markers of Democrat Racism are being deleted from history. There is no telling when gunfire will breakout and the civil war will become official if it is not already. When that happens, I suspect that demonstrations will cease for the most part, and 4th generation warfare will become common.

Guerrilla warfare was effective, even in the first Civil War. This time the entire nation might be involved since every institution is infected, as Google has demonstrated. I think that it is possible that guerrillas might operate against the Deep State, too. But the black-clad basement dwellers will be either ignored into oblivion or doxxed and eradicated early on.

It's hard to imagine a scenario wherein the Left can be persuaded to leave the rest of us alone.

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