Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cognitive Privilege: Explains Why Thomas Sowell was Rejected by Blacks

UPDATE: Not Being Stupid Is ‘Cognitive Privilege’ Now, Which Is Just Like White Privilege

The University of Iowa’s student newspaper has announced the discovery of a special privilege which intelligent people acquire as an accident of birth. This new privilege — called “cognitive privilege” — functions in essentially the same way as white privilege.

The Daily Iowan revealed the discovery of this new privilege earlier this week.

Garden-variety white privilege “is an important topic that deserves a public discussion,” the op-ed on “cognitive privilege” explains, but it is also “prudent to at least mention the wider concept contained therein: that of privilege itself.” (RELATED: Smoking Marijuana And Not Getting Killed By Cops Is WHITE PRIVILEGE Now)

Privilege in general is “the receipt of certain benefits wholly through accident of birth and it is “undeniable that privilege itself is a reality,” the student newspaper explains.

As with skin color and much else, Daily Iowan author Dan Williams argues, people have no control over how smart they are. Life is a huge cosmic lottery full of winners and losers.

Cognitive privilege is one of “many kinds of privilege besides white privilege.”

Also, Williams declares, robots will wipe out manual labor jobs but will somehow not affect jobs available to members of a special cognitive elite.

“Thus, the accident of having been born smart enough to be able to be successful is a great benefit that you did absolutely nothing to earn. Consequently, you have nothing to be proud of for being smart.”

Williams believes that America will be better able to discuss “white privilege” and the “temperature-rising topic of racial privilege” if it is able to admit the existence of “cognitive privilege.”

Don’t worry, though. “The purpose” here “is not to instill a sort of Catholic guilt in someone’s psyche.”

“The purpose of pointing out someone’s privilege is to remind them of the infinite number of experiences that are possible and the very large number of experiences that are actual that they know very little about.” (Williams does not say how he has obtained his special knowledge in this regard.)

“Feelings of guilt are natural when coming to consciousness of one’s place in the scheme of things — and noticing that one has been conferred benefits through sheer accident — but guilt is an impediment to social-justice action, not a motivator (guilt slides easily into resentment),” the author writes.

“We can debate whether ‘whiteness’ is a sort of ‘master privilege’ that overrules all others.”

The concept of “white privilege” was popularized in academic circles by a 1987 essay entitled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” The author was Peggy McIntosh, an inconsequential white feminist.
It appears that no one is more abused than blacks who acquire an appreciation for actual knowledge and the benefits of western culture, and who then assimilate, violating their class position. Anti-assimilation is a dominant feature of ghetto black culture. But whites will not speak ebonics in order to accommodate ghetto black culture, any more than they will speak Urdu, Korean, or Arabic. And there's the rub, because western culture might adopt reasonable principles from other cultures, but cannot become those other cultures without loss of its own.

And that's what the Left wants, based on the Cloward-Piven idea that western culture must be degraded and fractionated in order to be conquered and controlled by the principles of utopian conformity, uniformity and mindless equalitarianism. (So cognitive privilege is NOT a good thing for the Left. It is an Oppressor Class.)

Who would want such a thing as the degradation of western culture, or even cognitive equalitarianism? Well, the cognitively impaired would like that, as would the unassimilables and generally contrary fascisti-communitarians. So they dream up "privileges" by which to demean the builder's culture, saying "you didn't build that", you got it due to undeserved privilege".

Well somebody built it, and it wasn't the Left.

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Steven Satak said...

Ah, the attempted en-stupidation of America by the underclass, aided and abetted by people who evidently hate themselves, their country and just about every good thing there is - because: white skin.

That this makes them racists apparently never occurs to them. Or perhaps they think themselves exempt from the label, because: elite. Or just because they said so.

The absolutely worst thing you can do for your children is to give them every advantage, smooth the path and purchase all the expensive things for them. You might be patting yourself on the back for being such a good parent, but the truth is, the kid is only as strong as the things he pushes against. People talk about 'spoiling a child' as though it were some minor peccadillo that is of little account. But as we have seen, it matters a great deal to the child, and what that child becomes.

The weakest people, the self-appointed victims, the future Weathermen and AntiFas, nearly all come from the upper middle class. It isn't as much envy there as it is: too much time on their hands, boredom, and a weakness of character. They have enough intelligence and privilege through birth to successfully live in the fantasy world required for successful socialism and communism. They are the ones who are writing student newspapers filled to brimful and overflowing with erudite nonesense. Sons and daughters of the poorer classes don't do that - they know how much has been sacrificed for their chance at education, and subsequently they don't have time for that crap. They know enough about the real world to avoid the fantasy world-building part of University.

The spawn of the upper-middle class? Are the ones who have a simultaneous self-hatred and self-worship that leaves us with people who will cheerfully saw through the branch we all sit on, and do so because they have determined that 'no one deserves any of this'. Because they said so.

Who put these ninnies in charge? Who let them voice their stupidity while telling the rest of us we could NOT disagree or we were whatever-ists? Who says this crap passes for reason, that we should envy and tear down another's rather than admire and work to build up our own.

How the fuck do you 'deserve privilege'?! WHO GETS TO DECIDE WHETHER YOU DESERVE IT? WHO ASSIGNS IT AND MAKES SURE YOU GET AND KEEP IT?! Who the fuck are these idiots?

Is it these clueless dweebs from the University of Iowa? Who the hell put them in charge?

And people wonder why I keep loaded guns in my house...