Thursday, August 3, 2017

Decline of Britain, in Cartoon Form

The summary of the moral cowardice of the British Constabulary. Quote seen somewhere:
"It's easier to attack critics than to pursue actual criminals".
The reference is to the British Constabulary threatening to arrest critics, while not addressing the ongoing, serial Muslim attacks.


Steven Satak said...

I dunno.

I saw this and thought 'good, the police are striking at what they can - that is, the Leftist support for terrorism in their country and elsewhere found online and in the mainstream media. They're also taking on the massive communications networks that encourage, breed and radicalize this scum, and enables the emerging terrorist to link up with others of his own kind."

Then I read your comment.

Maybe my above sentiments are not what the artist intended to evoke. Maybe the following comments aren't, eight. but I will be honest: I have had it up to here with people who think a freaking tweet is the same as actually going out and doing something positive about the 'tolerance' for the Muslim terrorist and the promotion of a society bent on committing suicide, one dynamite vest at a time.

Such a fierce little bird... until the time comes for action in the real world. Then it, and its attendant flock, will be revealed for what they really are - a bunch of mostly useless dweebs, living in a fantasy world where volume = power. They are the Mob of old, only without the charm.

Talk has always been cheap. They seem to think the rest of us have forgotten that.

Stan said...

Well, in the modern Alinsky world, words are violence, they hurt, and they must be controlled by censorship. Unless the words come from the Left of course.

In this case, the Alinsky rule of ridicule was directed at the police, because they take it easy on known Muslim terrorists, who are from the protected class.

Ridiculing the police resulted in the police threatening the ridiculers with retribution, if they could be identified. I don't know if anonymous twitterers can be identified or not. But the threat of serious retribution for ridicule is the mark of totalitarianism.

So it was reverse Alinskyism, directed at the politically correct.