Thursday, August 24, 2017

AGW: FRAUD in Science Results in Nonsense in Policies

100% Of US Warming Is Fake

This is the adjustment that has been added to the temperatures. There is no justification for a non-constant, non-linear adjustment. However, it comports fully with ideology, and is a fraudulently created justification based not on observed data, but on manipulated, fully fake data.

When confronted about their data tampering, they say “our algorithm works exactly as designed.”

In other words, the fraud is intentional. But I’m not done yet. The fraud is worse than it seems (if that is possible.) Almost 50% of USHCN adjusted data is now fake, but they have only lost 25% of their data. So they are throwing out a large percentage of their measured data.

The Raw Data had no incline, or rise, in average temperatures. The data was manipulated by the addition of this upward curve. Note that there is no constant added, as might be needed if a different type of sensor were substituted at some specific time. This curve is an increasing, non-linear function, not a constant. Such non-linearity would be necessary in order to simulate a gradual, but exponentially increasing, rise which is not inherent in the original data.

It has been shown before that earlier temperatures were adjusted down in the same manner. Over-all a consistent temperature set was manipulated with these "adjustments".

Similar fraud was found in Australia, just a few weeks ago.

This is outright purposeful FRAUD, and nothing less.

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Steven Satak said...

And the 'climate scientists for social justice' wonder why many of us ignore what they say.

Or maybe they don't wonder - the Left has begun slinging the old 'science-denier' libel against anyone who won't join their march. Yet their computer models consist more of ideology than science these days.

SJWs always project.