Thursday, August 10, 2017

Gosh, Who Could Have Predicted This??

Venezuela clamps down on opposition politicians

"The sentence handed down Wednesday by the Supreme Court against David Smolansky, the opposition mayor of the Caracas suburb of El Hatillo, brought to 23 the number of mayors targeted by legal action, according to the opposition."

"... the ruling party's number two has warned that opposition candidates wanting to compete in upcoming elections would need certificates of "good conduct" from a newly installed Constituent Assembly stacked with Maduro loyalists."
Progressivism is progressing on schedule. Next stop "re-education" work camps.

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Steven Satak said...

It's actually measurably worse than the Philippines, and that's saying something.

It begins to remind me of Mugabe's Zimbabwe, with the same predictable results.

I picked up a couple of 100 Trillion dollar notes from Zimbabwe, back in 2009. They're now supposedly worth about $75 each, but I picked both up for $10.

So far the biggest Bolivar note I can find is 10,000, printed in 2016. I bought one, because who knows where this will end? According to Google's current exchange calculator, I have just purchased the equivalent of $989 USD in Venezuelan bolivars.

For twelve bucks.