Saturday, August 19, 2017

How The Chinese Communists Destroyed Chinese Culture

The baby communists in Antifa are nothing new.
New news is old news happening to new people.
Attributed to Malcom Muggeridge
The Chinese culture was being scoured even before the Cultural Revolution, destroying books, art, Chinese architecture, temples and anything representing the "old culture". People were eradicated for being part of the Old. Chiang Kai-Shek saved much of the museum pieces and heritage items from the Forbidden City Palace and escaped to Taiwan, where the Chinese heritage is still preserved despite Mao's attack.

This is not just a Chinese phenomenon, as the destruction by the Taliban and ISIS demonstrates. For tyrants, only the new culture icons are allowed to exist, so every aspect of historical culture must be eradicated by whatever force is necessary. Pol Pot took it further, demanding that all people become an agrarian stage society, killed the excess and those who were part of the Old.

That's the essence of what is going on with the American Left. It has established public shaming, de-platforming, and doxxing for personal attacks, the remedy for which is loud, sincere-looking virtue signalling while belly-crawling before the inquisitors.

The Left has established its moral code (we are the moral elite, defined by us as intrinsically moral: you are evil and must be eradicated). The Progressive has entered the stage for the violence and destruction of all previous icons of the "old" culture.

They haven't discovered evil white-man books in the library, yet (it's doubtful that they read). But they are now purging the communication lines which revolve around the internet.

Calls for the elimination of "whiteness" are becoming mainstream, and are in academia as well as Leftist, Feminist, Racist Arenas.

So why would whites not rebel? They have been targeted. Their enemies are emboldened and well funded as well as armed and unidentifiable. The destruction of whiteness has begun, and it is a moral imperative for the Left - even whites on the Left.

Think about what should be done.

Then write it here, if you have an idea.

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