Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I'm Thinking YES.

Was The Charlottesville Riot A Set-Up?

The first item worth noting in this tragedy is that the organizer, Jason Kessler, appears to be an equal opportunity provocateur
More like a false flag interloper, working with the Left.

RTWT, There.


Steven Satak said...

Holy shit.

So it WAS a setup after all. Something about that whole thing stank to high heaven. The bottom line was that KKK and Antifa are, or were, tools of the Left. Is that ironic or more evidence of internal collusion?

I feel like I have fallen into an episode of the X-Files. Suggesting that the odd behavior is entirely due to hatred for Trump and a blind obedience to Soros and his ilk... is a stretch.

But it increasingly looks like that sort of thing is true. The abject silence of the media on this is telling.

Jess said...

Guys, this was originally from a satirical website...
Here's the original photo that was doctored:
The Left does enough stupid shit already. No need to fall for fake news!

Stan said...


Jess said...

Did you see the piece Vice did on this already?
Not sure what to think... Vice is super biased, so they cherry pick example of bigots to make us look bad, but the chanting of 'Jews will not replace us' man... I don't know...

Stan said...

The text on the screen says "Jews...", but when I listen closely what I here is "You...".

The "Jew..." accusation makes no sense in the context of Confederate icons. Blacks and Leftists replacing whites and whiteness is the actual thrust of the issue, and thus "You..." makes perfect sense.

Jess said...

Ah that makes more sense yes. There is one guy who explicitly make antisemitic comments but he must be part of a fringe. Ya what's wrong with being proud to be white??

Jess said...

Ok, no... I watched it again, as Vice is now being quoted by other media outlet. The people were clearly yelling 'Jews will not replace us'. This is despicable. I hope it was a tiny fringe. It is just a few seconds after all.

This ones makes it obvious:

Stan said...

Yep. There definitely were white power and white supremacists there. The interviews with the white supremacists prove that conclusively.

However, the dishonesty of CNN/Tapper is also blatantly obvious: they didn't go out to objectively discover any "very fine" people who were standing up for the white race. They went out to find the bad actors, and they found them. And then claimed that there were not any "fine people" in the demonstration.

Contrast this to the handling of the BLM marches, and cop assassinations, where it was - as Hillary claimed - just a reaction to bad, racist, killer cops.

The Left won this round because the demonization of whites did in fact arouse identity actors, who rose to the surface for CNN (and nearly everyone else) to demonize. So be it.

In the Civil War, it has been shown that both sides committed atrocities during the war and afterward. War is that way: it becomes the morality of survival and hatred. Blind rage occurs, and atrocities occur as slaughter becomes the norm.

Are we in a war for survival? At what point in the moral defamation of whites is it proper to strike back? According to the virtue-signalling of the celebrity-status politicians and MSM, there is never a time for whites to stand against their own denigration. And that is the sense in which the Left has won this round: whites do not have the moral status to defend themselves.

The Left also won in this sense: Donald Trump has been isolated, because he made two tactical errors: he defended "some" whites defending themselves; he laid "some" blame on Antifa. Even though he did it equally ("both sides" have bad actors and good people), those two cultural errors opened the door to attacks from EVERYONE who hates him, including the Bushes, and every cuckservative with a twitter account, or media presence.

This then was a reality moment when every enemy of free speech and "whiteness" showed their colors.

Stan said...

Another quick thought: what do those chants signify? What part of their perceived reality causes the chants to make sense?

1. "Jews will not replace us".

The NAZI collaborator George Soros comes to mind, as a funder of Antifa. Is that who they're talking about? No one asked them, that I know of.

2. "Whose streets? Our streets"

The Antifa NAZIs have controlled the streets since the very first Trump rally, attacking and drawing blood. And at this very rally in Charlottesville, the police forced the rally-ers to depart down the one street controlled by Antifa, and of course Antifa attacked them, despite the police presence. The police were either complicit, or were ordered to be ineffective. The streets STILL belong to Antifa.

And now Antifa has the official imprimatur to continue their predations. The condemnation of Trump and the rally formed a de facto moral approval of black-shirted, hooded jsckboots.

I'm not sure what other chants might have been used.

Stan said...

Another quick thought:
Any defense of whiteness (whatever that is) or whites in general such as "white pride", will now be defined as white supremacy (racist eliminationism).

Consequences will quickly follow as the demonization of whites escalates.

Stan said...

Just remembered another chant:
"Blood and soil"
This was a NAZI slogan adapted from circa WWI which literally meant that farmers and rural dwellers were to be preferred for party membership over city dwellers. It came to be associated with NAZI nationalism and racism.

It would be interesting to discover what this slogan means to the marchers, individually, as well as in aggregate. Much of what was meant to the NAZIs doesn't seem to apply today, but who knows? Nobody seems to have asked.

Jess said...

I think you got that right. There were violent protesters on both sides, hate on many sides like Trump said. But I think what he missed, and why the Left won unfortunately, is because of that 1 crazy dude who ran his car into the crowd. He literally killed someone, yet Trump took forever to acknowledge that, and that gave the impression that this isolated incident was irrelevant. It was relevant, but again, isolated. He should have denounced that and blame Antifa's violence. It sucks because without that one dude, I think the Left would have been the only ones showing violence. Basically 1 incident was so bad that it made eveything else pales in comparison, even if everybody agrees that 1 guy was crazy.