Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Jeff Goldstein, on Alt Right

I told you all before and I'll repeat it now: the alt right is not conservative, and it is every bit as driven by identity politics and blood essentialism as the prog left.

Antifa, BLM, CAIR, the New Black Panthers, La Raza, the Pussy Hatters, the KKK -- these are all identity movements and all formed and animated by the kind of identity politics championed by the left, and legitimated by the likes of Edward Said and other academic cultural Marxists who recognized the way to power was to divide, and then control, particular identity groups, whose narratives they seek to create and police.

The alt-right is only "right wing" in the continental sense. The American conservative is classically liberal, while the American progressive is Fabian socialist.

Don't listen to labels; follow the assumptions made by each movement -- the alt right, the prog left -- and you'll soon recognize that they are the same. This is tribalism, no more and no less. And when tribes are at odds, they clash over territory -- be it physical territory or political power. What we are witnessing is an attempt to corrupt the ideals of a propositional nation based on individualism and individual universal rights (and that's how our Constitutional republic is designed to operate) -- a lesson Google's pillorying of a software engineer as "anti-diversity" should have made clear. Intolerance is a hallmark of every authoritarian movement. Simply pretending some intolerance is more noble, which is affected by self-servingly dismissing dissenters as purveyors of "hate," is a ham-fisted surrender to anti-intellectual sophistry.

You should reject this archaic collectivism from whatever group espouses it, because in the end it is simply anti-individualism dressed in mob attire to bolster cowardice and bigotry in numbers.

You were warned.
Anti-intellectual sophistry, eh? In the face of actual, documented, daily hate? Jeff: are you impaired in some data input manner?

The inability to determine content seems endemic to these apologists who insist that the Alt-Right is merely identity. Of course it is identity! Buckley conservatism is an identity. RINO is an identity. Antifa is an identity. BLM is an identity. The Alt-Right was assigned its own identity, and named itself.

Today the Left has assigned everyone to an identity, usually with a false proposition for a name. For example, Antifa is actually fascist, communist and socialist. The Democrat National Committee is anti-white, and therefore black-power as their identity. The Republicans are inept, and that's their identity. Humans with testicles are male: that's their identity regardless of any of their claims to the contrary. If you don't recognize your identity, you are an underground dweller.

Some identities want full control over the other identities. That is the main thrust of assigning identities in the first place - Marxist Class War requires it. And that is what this "culture war" has devolved into: war for control of all aspects of everyone's lives. Google wants it. Facebook wants it. Antifa wants it. The BLM/DNC wants it.

The Alt-Right wants to be left alone. But its identity is "NOT Leftist, fascist, communist or other socialist". This tribalism has been forced on them. The Alt-right found its tribe the hard way. Conservatives as a tribe are actually Leftist toadies. Traditional liberalism became the Alt-Right (which is why it is defamed as White Nationalism).

So they cannot be left alone, under the rules of engagement in place by the Left (fascists, communists and other socialists). And they are forced to act in order to thwart their marginalization/enslavement into Re-Education camps.

Ignore THAT at your own peril, Goldstein.

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Steven Satak said...

CS Lewis notes that the Devil sends errors into the world in pairs.

This Jeff Goldstein, now. He says he doesn't approve of the tactics and hatred on either side. But...doesn't it seem odd he should stick his head up now, of all times, and start screeching... at the Alt-Right?

Doesn't this guy have a brother named Emmanuel or something?