Sunday, August 6, 2017

Losing Respect for the Federalist

The Federalist:
It’s Not Good To See So Many Generals In The White House
This writer presupposes that generals don't belong in the White House, because its unseemly and contra-tradition.

What a crock. First the facts:
Washington was a general;
Zachary Taylor was a Major General;
Franklin Pierce was a Brigadier General;
Ulysses Grant was a Commanding General;
Teddy Roosevelt was a Colonel;
Dwight Eisenhower was Supreme Commanding General.
Trump is fighting a CIVIL WAR. He is under attack in his own White House by treasonous felons from the Left; He is under attack from his own DOJ; He is under attack from his own Dept of Education; He is under attack from over half of Congress; he is under attack from psycho Leftist Russian-leveraging Donks; the attacks are asymmetrical, as in hit and run terrorists. Leakers of classified information to a psycho MSM which publishes it to the world immediately and attacks Trump for the Leaks.

Wars of this magnitude need generals, specifically those who recognize treason, subversion, infiltration, and 4th Gen war tactics. And especially those who are still sane and actually wish to stop these internal treasonous traitors, rather than collude with them, as the MSM does.

This Federalist BS is just another asymmetrical attack on Trump.

BTW, Trump compensates for the asymmetry by using technology for rapid, unmodifiable response. That tool explodes heads. Heads need to explode. And roll. We'll see how the generals do.

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