Thursday, August 17, 2017

On CNN: All of GOP are White Supremacists

Why, just being white with an opinion is the same thing as lynching:
THIS Is CNN: Guest Rules the GOP ‘Are’ Neo-Nazis, ‘Old Slave Owners’ Ignoring Lynchings

For anyone who thinks CNN is dedicated to bringing the American people together, you’re sadly mistaken. Case in point two examples from CNN International on early Tuesday and Wednesday mornings where guest Segun Oduolowu declared the GOP to be neo-Nazis while leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are “old slave owners” who ignored lynchings.

Let’s take the early Tuesday comments first. Oduolowu first lambasted the business CEOs who quit the President’s economic councils for even joining them to begin with because “this feels like fake outrage to me” since “[y]ou knew what this man was.” [Beginning at the 4:43 mark]

Oduolowu pivoted to addressing fellow Los Angeles-based guest and GOP strategist John Thomas, informing him that the neo-Nazis are the Republican Party and he’s “in bed” with them [emphasis mine]:
As a Republican, when you have basically sold your soul to the alt-right, to people who are marching the streets of a college town — an institution for high learning where slaves actually built that university. When they are marching and you own the presidency, you pretty much own the judiciary, you own most of the elected officials and the government, what country were they — are they losing? They are the GOP right now. They are the GOP. You are in bed. You are in bed with the enemy, John. So, please, look. I love you, brother, but defend what you’ve guys done.

Roughly 24 hours later, Oduolowu was back at it following President Trump’s controversial press conference saying that there were good people on “both sides” in Saturday’s antifa and neo-Nazi clashes that left well-being counter-protesters caught up in the violence.

Oduolowu argued that it’s unfair to state that “this rabid base of white nationalists and alt-right that support Trump is a small one, but I think it's larger than people really actually realize because when the leadership of the Republican Party are turning their heads and looking the other way when all of this is going on, it shows almost tacit agreement.”
Here's another chance to play "How Many Lies Can You Find In This?"

The Racists are out in force, attacking whites in general.

It WILL get worse. And worse. And...

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Steven Satak said...

I don't know.

Last night, I talked it over with my son. This is one asshole out of what, 300 million? And he uses weasel words like 'almost tacit' to condemn everyone who disagrees with him? That's weak sauce.

I have a personal rule for assessing threats - if the speaker has to resort to saying or writing things like "could have a chilling effect" or "almost tacit", they got nothing, no matter how alarming the rest of the speech might sound.

The guy jumped for his 15 minutes of fame. Let someone else give it to him.