Thursday, August 31, 2017

On A Dime

In a mere twinkle of Pelosi's eye the Leftist "freedom fighters" called Antifa have gone from the darlings of the Left (and the entire RINO class) to become pure evil in the official Pravda-esque Leftist media. This massive and instataneous transition is an hysterical instance of morals-free, AtheoLeftist, Consequentialist, mercurial re-posturing at a moment's notice.

Apparently some Lefty realized, quite belatedly, that what they say will be used against them in the upcoming election. It will be brutal. So the Official Narrative did a Lefty-wide 180, in a single day. Even the violent communist mayor of Berkeley was right on cue, back-flipping over to "Antifa is a gang". And Morning Joe was right on time, denouncing Antifa with furled brows. Pelosi waxed eloquent in her denunciation of Antifa. So it is clear: Antifa is officially under the bus, at least from the Donk perspective.

So what about the RINOs who curried favor with their Leftist overlords by denouncing any equivalency in the evil of Antifa? Will they now also flip to the all-new, all-fresh IMMUTABLE TRUTH, which is that the IMMUTABLE TRUTH a week ago is wrong, morally and factually? Let's watch and see if any RINOs flip in order to keep up with the Leftist TRUTH tide, which was in last week, and out this week.

It's too late, I think, for the Donks to claim that they did not support Antifa. It is well documented. It will be in election ads. They'll have to get rilly, rilly radical in order to whitewash their behavior and ideology. Especially their Race war on whites. Always entertaining.

And it's also too late, I hope, for any RINO running for office. What fun.

Finally, guess what? Trump was exactly right, all along.

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