Monday, August 28, 2017

Predicting a False Flag Shooting by the Left, in Order to Instigate a Full Bore Assault on the Second Amendment

It would be easy for the Left to create, in advance, a situation which results in a shooting to be blamed on the Right and Trump. Never mind the shooting of Republicans by the Left. The shooting of non-Republican, say Victimhood Class, maybe minorities could be fanned into huge firestorms amongst the ever-quaking, ever-fearful of reprisal for their nasty deeds, Leftist proto-tyrants.
Does the Left Know Something's Coming Involving Guns?
Because of Seth Rich and the Republican baseball team, we know what the Left is capable of. It seems like just a matter of time before the next step escalation in violence and treason is implemented.

Any type of future warfare to save the constitutional USA will have to be 4th Generation, i.e., by total stealth and complete evaporation. It is obvious that direct confrontation of the "Holy warriors" of the Left will fail by virtue of the hammer wielded by the RINOs, the Donks and deep state Left including media, of course. Any really obvious pushback by the Right will trigger severe consequences from the Left for those charged with the crime against the state (Antifa is now state approved, after Charlottesville).

So it is possible that the Antifa terrorists sanctioned by the state will have produced the freedom guerrillas of the American future. My guess is that they will be concealed in all-black, head to toe, just like Antifa.

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Steven Satak said...

State-sanctioned terrorists - of any stripe - are notoriously vulnerable to lead poisoning. I agree, the next step is for the Left to dress up a few of their own in Nazi cosplay and then arrange a victim at an upcoming rally.

The State can sanction them all they like. The Left always eats its own.