Friday, August 18, 2017

The Way It Is

This is certainly a better division, because it puts most Repubican Cucks into the category where they belong: Globalists.

Consider globalism for a moment. First look at the globe, the nations which would have to be conquered. Look at their cultures and ask what culture would dominate under globalism? How would it be established? Under what Moral Law, Sharia? How will it feel to have your neighborhood patrolled by Sudanese and Liberian soldiers (looking for violations and equalization opportunities)?

Globalization is the objective, from Carter to the Clintons, Bushes, Obama, the entire Executive Branch of unelected dictators, half of Congress and roughly half of the Supreme Court and much or most of the federal court judiciaries.

Why? I can see two obvious reasons. First is increased power which they believe can enforce universal love and obedience in their utopia. Second, is that the tactic of "end justifies the means" supercedes all other moral principles, and the powerful can certainly agree on that principle.

The enemies then are free men, clustered in nations, given to free thought and free speech, and dedicated to the preservation of their intellectual and moral heritage.

So we are indeed separated into nationalist (preservationist) vs globalist (Conquistadors and moral dictators).


Jess said...

I don't know but Trump is f***ed...

I am in tech and got on your blog because of research on what happened to Damore. I am on his side but anyway, the point is that I was not that much into looking at what Trump actually did, or does. Honestly I was blinded by some of sites I red it seems, while trying to diversify from the typical MSM bullsh... Now that guy today shook me, literally. Because I just read him for the tech stuff usually. So that thing on branding, wow... that's powerful... never realized how bad the Trump image was now.

So it may be that we are in this Nationalist Right vs Globalist Left non-sense now, I don't know, but regardless, Trump is already finished, it's just a question of time. He failed miserable at trying to defeat the excess of the PC crowd and only made things worse by shutting down discourse and lying all the time. The thing with the pig's blood on bullets, again... this week, argg such non-sense. Oh well, sorry for the tirade. Old Politics suck and now Turmp also sucks.

Stan said...

I think that colummnist showed up late and doesn't understand the demographics and hostilities involved. Trump has been "f**ked" at EVERY stage of the game, from day 1 of his campaign. Yet Trump is. Charlottesville allowed America see the hypocrisy of nearly every politician and celebrity CEO in the western world.

The celebrities with platforms decided to canonize Antifa; Trump refused. And in addition, Trump found out how many dirtbag, virtue signalling, Leftist coddling, communist sympathizers exist in the Deep State swamp.

He had hired a number of Deep Staters, and he has fired them as he finds that out. He has to accumulate an entire staff of honest people, and they in turn have to ferret the Deep Staters out of their own organizations. Only then will honest governing have the capability to return to honest functioning.

The issue is not whether the whites should be condemned. The issue is that Antifa should be condemned, and that is what the ruckus is all about: Antifa is NOT to be criticized because it is a Leftist icon of righteousness and righteous war - 4th generation warfare at that. Antifa is moral, regardless of what they do to Trumps followers at Trump's rallys, or to anyone else they choose to righteously hate. Because they are morally righteous, they are the priests of violent suppression, visiting the Neo-Inquisition on "heretics".

Antifa is the moral and functional equivalent of the SS which destroyed the SA and terrorized Germany for gaining national control by their chief.

Only Trump, on the national scene, criticized Antifa (who even was there illegally).

Stan said...

Read Victor Davis Hanson's interview on today's post.

Stan said...

Pig's blood on bullets is psychological warfare, designed to prevent bloodshed. No Islamic believer would risk a "jihad" death if it were to be cancelled by pig's blood. Fighting would be decreased, lives saved.

This simple tactic is decried by the Left presumably because of their tight relationship with Islamic hegemony. Saving Muslim lives is obviously not their priority, because their complaint is regarding the desecration of religious beliefs. That is absurd, because they desecrate Christianity all the time. The Left is neither Muslim nor Christian, the Left is Atheist/Consequentialist/Relativist/Elitist-moral-authority with no attachment to grounded logic or any brand of religion.

Thus no conversation can be had with the Left regarding either logic or morality, nor the source of their elitist entitlement.

Jess said...

Nobody is canonising Antifs, but it seems that they helped clergy members not getting attacked by Facists
But if you read only right-wing media, as you seem to be doing, you'll never understand that.

Pig's blood in general might be fine, but the specific story Trump tells, which is false though, is a war crime! And he thinks that's a good tactic? Again, try to step out your bubble...

I see the what you mean about the Left, and how stupid they are, how they cannot engage in discourse, or how we should apologize for being white which is non-sense. But you're falling for similar, extreme far right rhetoric. Even Steve Bannon isn't that extreme and said we should crush that right fringe... which you support apparently...