Saturday, August 12, 2017

Because the "socials" have gone full SJW, alternative sources have started to appear. Today's example is the Google-owned YouTube jackbooting of conservative sites. This was made clear on August 1 this year as the YouTube memo was released declaring that hate speech would be "restricted". Since then a number of Right leaning videos have been shut off or demonitized or both. The Google march against free speech is gathering speed.

Free speech is a human right which does NOT apply to corporations or their products. Google violates no laws in suppressing the use of their products in order to promote their worldview - only.

This also has occurred in other venues, such as Wikipedia where Leftist censors prowl and rewrite history to suit their fancy. Google itself censors searches and accesses according to the demands of totalitarians such as China and Muslim nations. Google has suppressed search results for political purposes.

As they say, necessity is a mother. In the war on free speech, mother has spawned alternatives. The alternative to Wikipedia is Infogalactic. The alternative to Google search is DuckDuckGo.

The alternative to YouTube doesn't exist quite yet, but the effort has begun. Rebel Media is pursuing an App approach for creating user video-players which would be open and not censored, at least in terms of speech. (streaming of rapes and murders of course can't be tolerated, one would suppose). This effort has just begun since the Google threat of Aug 1 against speech on YouTube.

And they need cash. Seriously - if you can and are motivated by freedom, donate, even if just a little. I certainly intend to support this breakaway from the Google dynasty of totalitarianism and mind control.

Because this blog is on the Google application, there will come a time, possibly, when all anti-Leftist thought will have been detected by Google bots, and will be forced onto independent platforms, and I will have to find an alternative in order to just blog. Meantime, please support the alternatives which have emerged as free speech sites.


Steven Satak said...

This article prompted me to go into my Chrome browser and change my search engine from Google to DuckDuckGo.

Should be interesting. The quasi-religious cult aspect of the descriptions given of Google inside... are not 'quasi' at all. They ARE behaving internally as though they were in the grip of a religious cult.

Atheists act that way, as do most Leftists. They WILL have a God, but it must be one of their own devising. And of course, the corruption looks exactly like the corruption we've seen in the past with the various Marxist/totalitarian states.

Because people don't change, and rotten people look and act the same now as they did in the 20th Century.

Anonymous said...

I already changed my search engine to DDG.