Monday, August 28, 2017

Today's News From Socialist Progress

Venezuela's pro-government constitutional assembly seizes powers of opposition-led congress
Maduro's pets perform a coup against the elected government. So Maduro controls all government functions and any semblance of democracy is out the window. From "socialism" to socialist tyranny in one easy step. Now who'd a thunkit?

Maduro’s Ilegitimate Constituent Assembly to Regulate Social Media in Search of “Hateful Messages”
Criticizing Nicol├ís Maduro’s regime may soon become a crime in Venezuela

OMG! There might be HATE SPEECH against poor Maduro, dictator in charge of Absolute Ruination of Venezuela.

Leftist Brit pol blames USA for Venezuela's problems
Yeh, it can't possibly be Socialism in the hands of psychopaths, can it? Of course not. If there was US meddling, it was the US Leftist celebs drooling over the early days of Venezuela's Socialist dry rot.

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