Sunday, August 20, 2017

Trump Defects?

Donald Trump:
”I want to applaud the many protestors in Boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. Our country will soon come together as one!”
Since Trump is using the NewSpeak of the Left (perhaps not even knowing it), he has realigned himself away from defensive White Rights, and into Antifa support and anti-white racism which engulfs the entire American Left. He wants the country to calm itself – and it cannot, so it won’t. He should stick with the truth of the situation, not cozy up to the racists and hate mongers which inhabit the Marxist Left.

If he meant to defect, then the Left has won the war in advance, in toto.

Marxism, when under government support, will not be suppressed. See Venezuela.

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Jess said...

Steve Bannon: “The Trump Presidency We Fought For is Over”