Friday, September 8, 2017

Guess What: Heather Heyer Died of a Heart Attack!

Here's the NBC clip (ignore the illiteracy of the title and false claim):

Heather Heyer's Mother's Warns White Nationalists: Karma is a 'You Know What'
Sat, Aug 19
Heather Heyer's family returned to the site where Heyer was ran over by a car and killed during protests in Charlottesville, Virginia

Heather was NOT "ran over", and she was not killed by the hit. She killed her own heart.
Here's Heather on a stretcher:

Here's a tentative, repeat, tentative i.d. of Heather on the ground. Another person (in pink) is between Heather and the car.


Steven Satak said...
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Stan said...

Actually, I think she was not "in the way" and didn't take a direct hit. Probably the domino effect knocked her over, injuring her leg.

That doesn't exonerate the driver of the car, though.

And yet, I think there is a case to be made that this was false flag, with a disturbed young man, groomed by the Left and incited to ram a gathering in which few were actually hurt.

When Muslims mow them down, dozens are killed. In Charlottesville, there was one heart attack death. Doesn't add up.

Steven Satak said...

Stan, the fellow who wrote that post above... wasn't me. I don't describe people as 'fat fucks', mostly because I qualify as one myself, but also because I don't use the word 'fuck' as a noun. And I just saw this post at 1400, 8Sep2017.

One of our useless Lefty drivebys, spoofing my name and link. I mean, if you can link it to an online dictionary, you can link it anywhere.