Saturday, September 2, 2017

Here's Your Chance to Deal With George Soros

Sign this petition at
Declare George Soros a terrorist and seize all of his related organizations' assets under RICO and NDAA law
The minimum of 100k has been passed, but the more signatures, the more seriously the government might take this. Soros qualifies and deserves this.


User33 said...

Nice, but this one has 1.1M signatures, and relates to much more important matters, so do you support it?

Steven Satak said...

They'll never take it seriously. Too much money involved, too many overlapping interests. But I voted anyway.

Steven Satak said...

Your definition of 'much more important' appears to be anything that will negate the November election of last year - or at least distract people from what the Left is currently doing, by attempting to embarrass the President.

Looking over the petition, I am even more convinced that nothing will come of this petition on Soros. Most of the petitions are by people with an axe to grind. Adding a few million signatures signifies nothing.

After all, we saw millions vote for Hillary. We saw millions dissolve into bitter tears when she lost. Sheer numbers do not guarantee wisdom, it appears.