Saturday, September 16, 2017

Mike Isaacs, Antifa Professor at John Jay College.

Identify the fallacies in this person's assertions:

1. Assertion: "Communities have the right to defend themselves against groups that actively seek to eliminate members of that community".

Red Herring and Rhetorical Deception: Conservatism and American patriotism does not want any purge, except for treason, or mass violence, or violation of constitutional laws. If by "members of that community" is meant those who are traitors, violent revolutionaries, those who wish to eradicate law and races in the USA, then that "community" is at war with the constitutional USA and that war must be fought if constitutional law is to be preserved.

Not all communities deserve to exist; that is part of the rhetoric when it is extrapolated. But that extrapolation would definitely include the community of anarchists who violently attack nations built on Law, especially Enlightenment law. Exclusionary policies work both ways: the exclusionists are actually the anarchists who want no laws to encumber themselves. And they want to encumber/eradicate dissent.

The Rhetorical Deception implies that genocides of innocents is intended by Constitutional conservatives. That is a false accusation.

2. Assertion: "Richard Spencer doesn't have the right to speak in public unopposed, and that ultimately is what the purpose of Antifa is, to show up and oppose him."

Word play (deceptive rhetoric that is intended to conceal the full extent of the reality). The reality is not to oppose Richard Spencer with contrary ideas, arguments and logic. The reality is to oppose the existence of Richard Spencer, and to hurt those who would hear him. This assertion is a lie of omission, which is a deception of actual intent.

3. Assertion: "Yes" (violence toward people is justified). 3:40. "I believe that communities have the rights to defend themselves against threats to their communities" ... "Against people who have explicitly said that they want to eliminate them [that community] from society."
This is his continuing false equivalence, and rhetorical fallacy: Antifa apparently includes all law abiders as wanting to eliminate the Antifa anarchist/communist community from society. Because Antifa anarchist/communists are anti-laws and anti-law enforcement, then this rhetoric, when expanded into Antifa reality, is somewhat the case, but not as he presents it (for the downtrodden, disenfranchised). It would be the case for Antifa itself which, being lawless anarchists, is criminal.

4. Assertion: "Security provides the space for non-violent discourse, which is ultimately what we want".
Fatuous lie. Anarchists want to destroy lawful society, not to engage in any "discourse".

5. Assertion: "Cops work for - the people that you work for - and not in the interest of the vast majority of society. We don't have representation by the state, we don't".
Of course anarchist/communists haven't got that many Congressmen, other than the entire Democrat Party which engendered and enabled Antifa in the first place.
6. Assertion: "I teach [my students] to think critically, and that's why I'm very open about my anarchism, my activism."
For the Left, thinking critically does not mean to apply logic; by "critical" they mean to be in constant criticism of those who believe in lawful states which supersede individual anarchy. Consider the "Critical Theory" that infests the Left.

Antifa Professor in NYC Placed on Administrative Leave After Anti-Cop Tweets
7. Assertion: [Tweets] "Dead cops are good." and "What's even the point of a cop that isn't dead?"
Anarchism, by definition, is a political theory which eradicates law-enforcement police and policing from existence in the anarchic, lawless society. Policing, by definition, requires rules outside and above the individual, which are intended to fight crime against the individual. Anarchy presupposes that all individuals will behave just as the anarchist projects. Those who don't are eliminatable, since there are no rules against elimination either.

This is observable in Antifa, which is an odd mix of anarchy and communism. This particular anarchist likely thinks that communal perfection will magically occur under the zero government of the "ownership by the proletariat". All such revolutionary anarchies have always, without exception, provided fertile ground for the production of ruthless (lawless) dictators, genocides, and prison camps for badthink.

The Left is impervious to their own logic fallacies and Rhetorical failures. Logic is dead in a culture of "no truth". In Atheist "Will to Power" communities, even rhetoric is merely sloganeering, as the "rights of a community to defend itself" is shown to be. The fact is that Antifa is largely paid thugs, directed by a small coterie of anarchists directed by George Soros, filthy rich anarchist.


Steven Satak said...

I have come to the conclusion that Leftism, in general, is the process by which a soul becomes corrupt as it dedicates every gift it has been given to the sole purpose of feeding itself.

That is what power - and in the end we are talking about power over other people - is all about, when pursued for its own ends.

We often describe Leftism as a mental disease, and no doubt there are aspects of mild insanity involved as the physical organism is corrupted by the spiritual. Let us be honest - half the nation voted for Hillary, not because they were making a rational decision and at bottom, desired the good of the nation. On the other hand they didn't suddenly all go crazy.

These voters acted crazy, sure. Willing the destruction of your culture and way of life by voting for someone who can barely conceal their contempt for your foolishness? Who made no secret that said destruction was what they intended (themselves excepted, of course, though how this was to be arranged is beyond me).

But as I have pointed out in the past, it takes a barrel of apples time to rot. There are signs and smells. There is no new way to corrupt one's self and this has all been seen before. As a man's ego expands, it forces out reason. The result is a kind of pain, and a retreat to a fantasy world where there is no God and right is whatever one decides it is from moment to moment. All is disguised, as the corrupt gradually begin to call 'bad' good and vice versa.

That is Leftism. And it is rarely stopped these days by anything but death.

Steven Satak said...

This guy is a self-contradicting nihilistic asshole.

I can't even bring myself to watch the damn video. He's that bad.