Monday, September 4, 2017

Nation Building

For argument let's stipulate that North Korea is conquered and Kim is dead, military is wiped clean. What should be done then? North Korea has for generations been belligerently communist. There are several possibilities.

First, walk away from the devastation. Leave it to the citizens to take it from there. This would not be nation-building.

Second, walk away from the devastation, but provide recovery services; ignore all subsequent consequences.

Third, maintain a military presence, provide recovery services. Allow the politics to flow independently. This would annoy China.

Fourth, maintain a military presence, provide recovery services, force and manage popular elections. This would really annoy China.

Fifth, give North Korea to South Korea as a unification. The USA would support the unified Korea just as it did South Korea. China would be apoplectic.

Sixth, allow the UN to decide the fate of North Korea's destiny.

Seventh, declare North Korea to be the 51st American State.

Now. If we would like for North Korea to be a civilized nation into perpetuity, which choice (or one I missed) is Correct?

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