Monday, September 4, 2017

Salon, on Preventing Leftist Self-Trivialization

Diametrically Contrapositional Concepts in Salon:
2015:Time to give up on identity politics: It’s dragging the progressive agenda down

2017:White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it
Identity theory creates barriers which are immutable, at least to those who accept the theory. The barriers are exclusively skin-tone and gender-perception oriented, as well as Otherized Enemies oriented. And that is the entire Democrat/Leftist political strategy and "intellectual" position.

Not to find yourself in one of the Official Identities renders you an Otherized Enemy. That include white males, all of them; white females, most of them; any people who accept Enlightenment Liberalism over identity persecution.

The Enlightenment liberal might also be called "American Fundamentalist". But there is no identity for "American Fundamentalism", except that it resides within the Otherized Enemy identity. Thus a self-identified American patriot is an enemy, and anyone carrying the stars and stripes flag is to be attacked, just as is anyone carrying the Stars and Bars. Under Identity Politics, they are the same: Otherized Enemies. Blacks and browns who carry American flags are especially viciously attacked: they are traitors to their designated identities. The same for black women (or men) who support Enlightenment Liberalism: traitors to their identity: race.

However, Enlightenment Liberalism is worth fighting for, which is a concept unanticipated by the moral dictators of the Left. The cultural control of the masses stops at the barriers alloted to Victims and their saviors. Much, even very much of the nation retains a connection with rationality, which is a feature of the Enlightenment, not of Identity Dictators. Much, even very much of the nation seriously does not want to be considered a victim, much less BE a victim.

The Left has attempted to perpetuate racism by building Identity Walls between races. The Democrats have nothing to offer other than racism. Is there any wonder that their position has degraded to almost non-existence? Is there any wonder that their strategy for the past two years has been violence and deception? Because they are still losing ground, then ramping up violence - at least rhetorically if not physical - seems necessary before they become more trivial to the culture than musicals.

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Steven Satak said...

I went to the Salon site to read that article.

I then went to the comments section.

There was one comment - from a fellow who wrote "I have an app that replaces the word "white" with "black." You should see how racist you sound."

After that, apparently, the Comment section was closed.

Nevertheless, this fellow has garnered something like 90 'thumbs-up'. I gave him one, too.