Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Science Rule Zero

Saw this somewhere, and stole it:
Rule Zero of Science (opinion is non-evidence, and overwhelming opinion is overwhelming non-evidence).
There are two faux sciences that try the "whelm" approach. When they can't produce any actual truth, not even contingent truth, then they go for FORCE. It's the Leftist way. Study Communism/Fascism and you find FORCE.

It's the fallback of all bullies, who are wholly incapable of persuasion due to a lack of rational capacity and a lack of rational evidence. The bullies want your lunch money and are incapable of providing a reason for you to give it to them. Next step: Force.

Put the bullies in charge of a non-empirical "science" and you get: Force.

When a science is worshiped by the Hollywood moronistas, who haven't a clue about a) science, or b) evidence, or c) morals, then you get bullies calling for Force to punish those who do have those things.

The hate campaign du jour is calling for arrest, trials and death for "deniers". There's no chance of that happening of course, but it does signal an adequate amount of hatred to their peer haters.

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