Friday, September 1, 2017

You White? You Racist. You Got No Choice. Because: I Say So.

The white people who stay silent in the face of white terrorism consider themselves to be “non-racist.” They’re wrong.
What "white terrorism" amounts to is just that white people a) exist; b) don't give their money to blacks:
White people have a fundamental misunderstanding of racism, how it operates, how they benefit from it, and how it impacts people of color. Therefore, they consistently miss the mark as “allies” by centering themselves. In this way, white liberalism and white feminism are continually failing us — and to be honest, we’re tired of explaining this shit to them. If Tina Fey and Lady Gaga want to be better white people, they can start by recognizing their own privilege and their complicity in racism, and putting money in the hands of people who are already doing work to combat white supremacy.
So even black-only intersectionalism is about the cash, baby. GIMMEDAT! And BTW, you're racist and white supremacist, because: whiteness. Which must be eradicated:
Kim Jong-Un Never Called Me Nigger
White nationalists at home are more dangerous than nuclear weapons abroad.

Charlottesville, Ferguson, Sanford, and Baltimore are recent examples that show us white people are the most immediate threat to American’s safety. This threat is not abstract. It is up close and personal. It is a threat rooted in history and context. It is a threat that is ever-present.

White people have caused more injuries and deaths of Americans than Kim Jong-un ever could. The president and other politicians need to act based on that needful fact. Cable news and major publications should disseminate information based on that needful fact.

Kim Jong-un has never called me nigger, but white people have. And my fears and anxieties are based on that needful fact.

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Steven Satak said...

I think we should ship these idiots off to North Korea.

Let's see how far they get with that shit in the land of Dear Leader.