Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Belaggio Hotel Also Was Attacked

Why the federal silence? Is this another BATF "Gun Walker" scheme gone stupid?

It now appears that there were at least four gunmen, and one person manipulating the lights on the concert crowd. The four gunmen are: 1) 32nd floor of the Mandalay Hotel; 2) third floor (+/-) of the Mandalay Hotel; 3) embedded in the crowd at the concert area; 4) At the Bellagio hotel (fairly distant from the Mandalay. A yet unknown woman said "we're all going to die" before the concert.


Steven Satak said...

What the hell is going on here?

Talk about conspiracy bait.

Mike888 said...

No it wasn't. People were really confused, that's all.

Stan said...

Let's review.
(video at 8:34 > 9:30)
Eyewitness: "All I know is what happened at the Bellagio, because that is where Daniel and I were. And when the shots came firing in through the front door of the lobby, and the mass chaos and stampede was when I was under the table and Daniel was on top of me. And when security came back over and started screaming 'everybody get to the back', and then we were rushed to the back corridors where Daniel and I were, we had to maneuver around from the 32nd floor to where our hotel room was in the other tower. So we were able to move around, but again this hotel is on lock down."

So your position is that some other guy said that this never happened, and that these people were just really confused.

I see. I'd say that Steve Sheldon wasn't there. I'd say that Steve Sheldon does not have all the information, yet is making excuses for the one-shooter hypothesis, when there is known video of a second shooter, there in the crowd. So I'd say that Steve Sheldon is a posturing ignoramus who is not intellectually involved in data gathering.

Probably incoming bullets would "really confuse" a lot of people.

Mike888 said...

They CLAIM that there gunshots at the Bellagio. Where's the evidence?

Where in these locations was glass broken? Where in these locations were reports of gunfire from adjacent rooms? (That's how the shooter was quickly located.) How did these mysterious shooters so quickly police up all their brass and keep the fire alarms from going off with all the smoke?

How do hundreds of law enforcement officers secretly conspire to cover up evidence in one of the nation's worst modern massacres? What would be their motivation? Would conspiracy advocates be satisfied when they see video evidence of the shooter by himself committing the act and ending it by putting a gun in his mouth?

Mike888 said...

Probably incoming bullets would "really confuse" a lot of people... and so would loud noises coming from hundreds of rounds being shot AND a crowd of hundreds being shot at