Monday, October 2, 2017

Entitled Minority Victimhood Victim

Entitled to her own facts (legislation and laws for mass killing of minorities), entitled to her own law (fuck your laws), entitled to her own anti-logic (free speech is genocide), entitled to racial hatred (You're WHITE homeboy). This person qualifies as poster child for Leftist Narrative Insanity:

Student steals MAGA hat, demands victim be punished


Steven Satak said...

Ah, claiming everything is 'genocide' and then declaring that whites need to be gotten rid of. Maintaining one set of standards for one's own group, and another for everyone else is typical of people like this, but you rarely see it spoken so publicly and without apparent shame.

They are not called Feminazis for nothing.

Brent said...

She's crazy... not sure how helpful it is to point out the crazy elements of any group. The Vegas shooter was apparently a right-wing white dude, yet he doesn't represent me or anything I stand for.

Stan said...

Half the country voted for Hillary. Then went completely berserk when she lost. Listen to Hillary now, and imagine her as president. Half a nation of these people represents something beyond insanity. It is mass irrationality focused on a common hatred, yet with a commonality of political affiliation and aspiration, and situational ethics (amorality).

Brent said...

Stan, if you think half the country is insane, you're part of the problem, because that is what being hysterical is. You're falling for the media trying to make sensationalist stories out of every little thing. The vast majority, either pro Trump or not, is not freaking out. There are lots of sore losers, sure, but that's a far cry from hysteria! Even when the news show protests, pay attention, you'll realize how tiny they all are.

Brant said...

I dare you! Asking something from Stan!

Stan said...

Even if your concept were the case, it doesn't alleviate the hazard. The take-overs by Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro were accomplished by minority players. But currently in the USA, the irrationality infects the half of the nation that voted for the obscenely hateful and irrational Hillary.

Roughly half the nation voted for Hillary. Hillary ran on a platform of pure irrational hatred based in identity-class tribalist declarations which are created for the explicit purpose of hate. What are we to derive from this fact?

The US Government hates the elected President, and vows to "resist", meaning subvert. This includes most of the FBI, CIA and NSA, as well as most other bureaucracies. The elected President has not yet found non-subversive, trustworthy assistants.

The entire university system turns out Marxist class warriors and discriminates against males and whites. The STEM studies were not affected but are now under attack.

Many major corporations enforce the identity-class Marxist environments, using fear and shame.

Most large cities are extremely blue-model, anti-rational, clusters of Hillary-Leftist, Hate-identity mongers. Many, such as Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, etc. harbor large communities of anarchic race haters.

Many large cities are now self-identifying as scofflaws, as they protect illegal aliens from their legal consequences.

Entire states (CA, MA) are self-identifying as scofflaws, also declaring themselves as protection for illegal aliens from their legal consequences.

The MSM, now in severe decline, radiates lies and hatred from every talking head, every day.

The entire Left half of the nation wants to import more (protected) Muslims, who, by virtue of their ideology, hate Jews, homosexuals and women's rights. So Jews, Gays and women are under the Leftist bus, yet remain Leftist. Not insane??

Even more irrational is the Leftist characterization of Israel as racist and fascist when Israel actually is MULTICULTURAL including Arabs and Muslims in its internally peaceful population.

Insanity can be characterized by persistent irrationality which cannot be influenced by rational arguments. The entire Hillary-Left is now engaged in anti-rational behavior which not only is not influenced by rational arguments, but is actively engaged in shutting down all speech which is not Leftist dogma. This is so obvious that not to recognize it places one outside of the zone of cognition, and into the zones of either self-blinding denial or complete apathy.

Brent said...

Again, you're exaggerating, insanely so actually. We don't live in the world you described; that's what online blogs and media, from any side, want you to think to glue you to your screen. The Left and the Right are exactly the same in that respect.

Take a break from the Internet my friend... I think you need it.

Now This said...

To Brent's point:

Outlier bias...

Stan said...

Brent1 and Brent2,
If you had actual facts rather than just post-rational criticism, you would have presented them. You did not. You prefer to be the gnat in the pudding.

It is interesting, though. Your video claims fake news for video coverage of Antifa, which is STILL said to be "fighting NAZIs" - a blatant lie perpetuated in the "don't believe your lying eyes" meme.

And I know your name is not Brent, and you have concealed your identity: I don't blame you. When the Left started doxing its enemies back in Prop 4 days in CA, the Left (Gays mostly in that situation) showed up on doxed voter's doorsteps, and beat them and destroyed property. It's how the Left works, going back to the historic Democrat KKK hooded terrorists which presaged the Red Army in Russia and Mao's march in China.

But don't let any history bother you; just listen to the Leftist fake news. And believe. By all means: Believe!

Now This said...

LOL you are the gullible one here!
YOU believe crackpot theorires without facts, you don't use logic, you can't tell fiction from truth, exaggerations from norms...

But don't let any history bother you; just listen to the Trumpist fake news. And believe. By all means: Believe!