Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Gun Control = Hatred of Free Men Who Can Protect Their Freedom

Gun "Control" is the euphemism for the evisceration of the Second Amendment. Only door to door confiscation of the nation could influence these Free Fire events, and even then the flow of weaponry from Mexico would arm the criminal element.

Gun Free Zones are Leftist Free Fire Zones, where self-protection is forbidden. The government provides protection, along with everything else. Well, it took 74 minutes and a pile of dead people for the government protection of the Leftist Free Fire Zone in Las Vegas.

Having created the Free Fire Zone, we are shocked that free fire on the unarmed occurred. Well, not me. All of these types of attacks occur in Leftist Free Fire Zones. So no one should be shocked at all. The common element, aside from psychos with illegal weaponry, is the Leftist Free Fire Zone.

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