Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lincoln Probably Was Wrong

In hindsight, might it not have been better for the South to have successfully seceded? Here's the possible consequence of that. The South would have become the nation of Democrats and slaves, possibly into relative perpetuity. The North and West would have been Republican and black freedmen.

The Confederate States would have remained agrarian with some fabric industry. The North and West would become industrialized, modern nations - but without the distractions of Democrat Marxist revolutionary insanity. The Confederacy could go full Marx, with Texas perhaps seceding and joining the Republican North and West.

If you wanted to be a Democrat/Marxist/hate machine, you could live in the Confederacy. If you wanted to be part of western civilization, you could live in the North and West.

As it is, the Marxists, culture warriors and faux liberationistas have no place to go. So they consume cities and a few states which are city-dominated. This sort of distribution does not lend itself to physical isolation, as into cloisters of like-mindedness which are connected into Leftist communities which can be separated from western civilization by a physical barrier.

The Left hates western civilization, and in fairness they should be separated from it, completely and irrevocably. But the South is no longer Confederate, and the North and far West (coastals) are no longer either Republican or fans of Western Civilization. And that happened as the natural by-product of Lincoln "saving the union", and preventing the Democrats from spreading from the South.

What we're left with is a chopped-up mess, with sluggard Blue-Model cities surrounded by prairies and mountains full of beleaguered western civilization hold-outs, hoping to contain the Marxist metasticization to the parasitic cities. And the Leftist Marxism, just like drugs, has spread into the countryside, making it impossible to define geographic boundaries demarking areas which are free of Democrat insurgency.

It's absolutely Lincoln's fault. He should have freed the slaves in the North (he didn't) and left the South to its own fate (he didn't).

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