Friday, October 6, 2017

More Leftist Logic Lockouts

1. Nancy Sinatra:

Because: They're all murderers because I say so and I Hate Them and Guns. Except for government firing squad.

2. White Prof who wants "white genocide" blames LV shooting on whites and men. And BTW everyone is racist as f.

3. Nancy Pelosi: Pelosi: ‘I Certainly Hope’ Bump-Stock Ban Is the Beginning of a Slippery Slope on Gun Control.

4. Jerry Brown signs bill making it "legal" for California to flaunt Federal Law by making CA a "Sanctuary State" for illegal aliens.

1 comment:

Steven Satak said...

Wow, this has really brought the freaks out of the woodwork, hasn't it?

Pelosi will be dead of old age before we see any significant erosion of our 2nd Amendment rights. I know wishful thinking when I see it, and the Left indulges in it far more than anyone else. You would think they'd get better with practice, but nooooo....

That tweet can be translated to: "It's about time someone paid attention to Nancy Sinatra". The trouble is, no one even remembers who Nancy Sinatra is. Sinatra... wasn't that some old dead white guy? The Left's tendency to re-write the past to suit their whim has resulted in minions who can't be arsed to remember the Vietnam war.

And flaky white professors who hate themselves and have their picture next to the word 'Nihilist' in the encyclopedia... gosh, we've never seen *that* before.

I refuse to let my blood pressure go up when the loons start croaking their song of insanity. They remind me of nothing so much as a madman trying to put out the sun by scrawling the word 'darkness' on the walls of his cell.