Monday, October 16, 2017

Thoughts of the day

Crucible of Leftist Corruption: Hollywood.
The absolute corruption of ALL of Hollywood has become completely visible and without question. The environment of sex and power includes not just the perpetrators but turns their victims into perpetrators of collusion in the cover-ups.

There is an obvious conclusion to be made here. The result of pure, unrestrained cultural Leftism as the sole source of moral guidance can be seen in the monoculture of the Hollywood crucible.

Fed only by greed and lust, the Hollywood Tribal cohort is a living laboratory for the workings of the totally Leftist social experiment. It even includes the fake posturing of Moral Supremacy which condemns all things “normal”, moral edicts which we are told to believe arises from the Moral Sewage of the industry.

Yet we are still treated to the panicky abandonment of Harvey Weinstein, while still not abandoning Polanski. Remember how It wasn’t rape-rape? Remember how Streep stood up to salute Polanski? To top this all off, some of them refuse to return donations (bribes) made by Weinstein. They cannot help being evil to the very foundations of their beings.

NFL Beliefs vs Acts.

Just as the NFL cannot truly believe in “equality” when teams hire specifically for merit; neither can they believe in forced “equal outcomes” when they declare winners and losers for EVERY game. They cannot believe in racism when there are proportionately more blacks on the teams than in the general population. They cannot believe in sexual equality when there are no women on the teams. They cannot believe in any of the principles of “Social Justice” which were just declared to be a focus of the league. It’s a lie which the league feels the players are not smart enough to comprehend. If the players don’t protest the league itself – and they won’t – then their protests are meaningless and perhaps they are that stupid.

Violence Solves Everything: New Leftist Approach? Or Old?
The violence of the Left has always been very real, clear back to their slave owner’s days. It has defined their history for nearly 200 years and it’s not going to change soon. So it’s no surprise that Dana Loesch has been threatened with voluminous threats of violence, including being “raped to death”. Dana has taken the position that the Left hates and made it highly visible to the general public. So when mere “shut up” demands don’t shut her up, then the terrorism begins, against her children as well as her. The Left is shameless because shame demands external moral principles against which one’s behavior can be judged. The Left has no such moral principles, so (as Alinsky noted) the only immoral tactic is the one not used. Violence from the Left is an expectation. Such violence will exist so long as Leftists exist. And the violence becomes worst when it is internal to the Leftist tribe as Seth Rich found out, and the Hollywood coterie demonstrates.

The lying liars are caught lying: there really are documents on the Clinton – Lynch tarmac meeting. And the FBI has them, and doesn’t want anyone else to get them.
FBI Forced to Admit It Has 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents

Las Vegas
Not in the news much these days. Circling the memory drain. I guess it'll stay in Vegas.

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