Friday, October 6, 2017

YouTube: Keeping It Quiet

Lies of Omission:
YouTube is filtering out stories on the Las Vegas shooting – Here’s why
Could it possibly be because the shooter was LEFTIST?? Maybe even ISLAMIC Leftist?? This is quickly going down the memory hole, isn't it...

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Steven Satak said...

Of course YouTube is filtering it. They are owned by Google. We already know what their corporate and company ideology is.

If you were a Leftist and you had that kind of power, wouldn't you? Isn't that what power is for? To move people around against their will, to lie to them time and again, and feed your ego the live-long day while telling them it's for their own good and then, in private, hoist one with your fellow Leftists and laugh at the incredible gullibility of the rubes?

C'mon, we all saw this coming. Our privilege is that we can still recognize it for data manipulation, and go look someplace else for our news.