Sunday, December 24, 2017

Atheism, Mutational Meltdown, and Mouse Utopia

While the correlation is less than perfect, the science works much better than Evolutionary tall tales.
Atheists are more likely to be left handed, study finds
Religiosity is a characteristic which has been shown to have a genetic component. Like left-handedness, deviation from religiosity might be a genetic deviation, or mutation. The significance of mutations in modern societies is modeled in the "Mouse Utopia" experiment:
Mouse Utopia and its Human Implications
Mice living indulgently in a utopian environment fail to cull weaknesses that appear in the genome. In the real world, weaker mice would be removed by predation. In the mouse utopia they perpetuate the genetic mutations until the entire population can no longer self-sustain.

The implication for humans is the same. Medication and preservation of the weakest also propagates through the human population as significant portions are no longer stressed into early demise. The generational effect within Britain is shown in the article linked.

The connection to Atheism and to Leftism becomes obvious, as AtheoLeftism fights for "free stuff" and "increased access for less qualified individuals", and use fictitious offenses to command power to themselves for no productive reason.

I suspect that the degradational affect on the amygdala in the brain is part of this mutational issue:
The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics: How Conservatism and Liberalism Evolved Within Humans, Third Edition


CJ said...

I admit to not being an expert on evolutionary science, but I don’t understand this:

“52 per cent of British people saying in 2013 that they believed in the supernatural, up from 40 per cent in 2005.”

Setting aside the odd linking of superstition with atheism, I thought evolution was about the slow diffusion of genetic mutation through the passing on of traits from generation to generation. How in the world does one blame evolution for an inTRA-generational shift?

Stan said...

It's not a measure of NEW mutations, it's an increase in the size of the previously mutated population segment due to better medicine, nutrition, etc. It said that many of that population who would have died without reproducing are now surviving and reproducing:

"But modern science means many people who would not previously have survived are making it to adulthood and reproducing - leading to a greater incidence of atheism."

Steven Satak said...

I'm sorry, but evolutionary psychology is just story-telling with next to no actual evidence to support it. It's not science. It's not replicable in the least. All the possible sources of information have been dust, lo, these many millenia.

As a result, I don't pay the slightest attention to it.