Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bundys v.s. Lying Bastard Progrssives: Takes a New Turn

Judge Declares Mistrial In Bundy Case, Says Government Willfully Withheld Evidence

As reports, Navarro cited five key pieces of information that prosecutors did not disclose: records about surveillance and snipers at the Bundy Ranch; unredacted FBI logs about activity at the ranch in the days around the standoff; threat assessments about the Bundys dating to 2012; and internal affairs reports about the BLM.
Navarro methodically laid out her reasoning for about an hour, citing legal standards and case law, before delivering her ruling.

She said the evidence that was withheld could have been favorable to the accused and could have affected the outcome of the case.

Navarro stopped short of dismissing charges against the four men. It is unclear whether the case will be retried because Navarro did not rule whether the mistrial was with or without prejudice.

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Steven Satak said...

This is good news. I read a report on what, exactly, had been going on there. Those guys put up with a lot of shit from the Obama Administration in general and the Bureau of Land Management (the original BLM) before they finally dug in their heels.

I hope things work out well for them. It's becoming more clear with each revelation that the Government would not have stood a chance of making this stick unless they did what they did - which was, cheated.