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Democrats and Lying Women: The Consequences of False, Hate-Filled Ideology

_________________________Being Black in the Solid Democratic South________________

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BLOOMFIELD: Strange Fruit, When Women Lied And Men Died

By Janet Bloomfield
Posted on December 13, 2017

From 1882 – 1968, an estimated 4,743 men were lynched in the United States, often after an accusation of rape, prompting the NAACP to claim ‘[w]hites started lynching because they felt it was necessary to protect white women’.

We now know that many of these women lied, and men died.

Emmet Till was only 14 years old when he was beaten to death for the crime of ‘whistling at a white woman’. Many years later, Carolyn Brant admitted that she lied, to protect her husband. They went on to profit financially from the boy’s death. Till was hardly alone. A mob of 1500 beat and hung three Black circus workers in Duluth, after a white woman made an apparently false accusation of rape.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Gilbert King chronicles the lives and deaths of the black men falsely accused of sexual assault in his book, Devil in the Grove.

The history of lynching in the United States is inextricably interwoven with the history of women lying about sexual assault. Last month Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin cheerfully resigned herself to innocent men being made to suffer if women lie, as the price of ending “patriarchy”, seemingly incapable of understanding that she would not be the one paying the price. This is the same thought process of the women who lied to force the Southern trees to bear their strange fruit.

Billie Holiday, one of the best jazz vocalists in American history, recorded her mournful masterpiece “Strange Fruit” in 1939, describing the sight of men’s burnt and beaten bodies, hanging from trees and lampposts in the South, after mob retribution.

Southern trees bear strange fruit

Blood on the leaves and blood at the root

Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze

Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

The song was later updated by Kanye West to include a discussion of predatory women hoping to become pregnant by rich men. West samples the Nina Simone recording of “Strange Fruit,” linking his depiction of rapacious black women with malicious white women who lied about sexual assault.

The recent epidemic of powerful, mostly liberal, white men accused of sexual impropriety, harassment, assault and rape has been accompanied by a dogged insistence that the women accusers could not be lying, predatory, or motivated by malice or financial gain. This is a curious revision of history, in which the women who prompted up to one third of all the lynchings that occurred in the United States through false accusations of rape, are suddenly evolved beyond their sisters of an earlier age.

[Democrats, all of them]

The trouble with women is that they are human beings, and human beings have a terrible capacity to be flawed, often egregiously so. Culturally, we have little problem accepting that men can be malevolent, predatory and exploitative, because we understand that men are human beings. We have considerably more difficulty accepting that women are human beings, too.

Some of the men accused of harassment and assault may very well be guilty. They are all being subject to the digital mob, lynched in cyberspace. How many of the lynched men of the South were innocent? Has mob justice ever meted out a fair and just reward?

The strange fruit that once hung abundantly from the poplar trees should remind us that women can, and do lie.
Women lie.

But men die.


Talon said...

I hope we aren't laying those deaths at the feet of women. Some of the women may have lied, they did not lead the lynch mobs who murdered those men.

If vigilantes hadn't been so eager to deal out "justice" without jury trial for laughable offenses like "whistling", cross examination might have uncovered the deception. The blame for the deaths lie with those who tied the rope and hung those men, they and they alone carry the blood guilt.

False accusations are horrible but they don't lead to lynching without plenty of citizens eager to kill unlawfully.

This is a curious revision of history, in which the women who prompted up to one third of all the lynchings that occurred in the United States through false accusations of rape, are suddenly evolved beyond their sisters of an earlier age.

And we know these accusations of rape are all false because... ah no evidence? One woman admitted to lying? I suppose she lied for all of the women in question then? Gosh, we might have known for sure if there had actually been a trial.

Are they seriously conflating being fired or criticized in public with being lynched? That's laughable, vigilante justice is a *crime*, an employer is legally entitled to end working relationships with people who might damage the business's image or hurt other employees. The business in question can always form and employ a conduct review board to try and verify claims before they fire a suspected harasser. All of this is part of a contract employees sign when they agree to work with said company, if the review and dismissal procedures are unacceptable a man can always look for work where the terms are acceptable.

Yes, there is always a risk that dishonest people will game whatever system is put in place to enrich themselves or hurt others, the price of freedom is high and human systems of justice are imperfect. The piece didn't actually provide evidence that alleged sex abuse victims are more likely to lie about it than any other, so it seems Bloomfield is "fashionably outraged" rather than actually informative and is most likely intentionally deceptive.

*The paper Bloomfield links to defend the idea of "many women lied" makes no such case and doesn't attempt to, rather it documents inequality in how rape was handled (harsher penalties for blacks, different standard of proof) within the legal system or by mob justice, how the risk of rape of white women by black men was exaggerated by racist stereotype and how such stereotypes also hurt black women whom were thought "too unattractive" to have been targets of rape.

Stan said...

I don't disagree at all. However, the overarching point - one which you made - is that without both evidence and a fair (unbiased) trial, the truth of the matter cannot be known. In other words, innocent until proven guilty. Key word: "Proven".

The mantra, "believe the women", is not proof of any sort; it is pure bias. In favor of a designated Victimhood Class.

Consider the literary basis for false accusations:
1. Genesis: Joseph falsely accused of rape by Potipher's adultress wife.

2. Of Mice and Men: Lenny falsely accused of rape by the boss' wife; is killed for his own protection.

3. To Kill a Mockingbird: defending an innocent black accused of raping a white woman; is killed anyway.

These are classic fictional denotations of the problem of Class Warfare, where the (lying) women are believed merely because of their class (female: Victimhood Class).

It can be argued that women have two major super-powers: sexuality; lying about sexual attacks and abuse.

Again, it must boil down to actual evidence.

But there rarely is actual evidence, at least incontrovertible material evidence. It is he-said/she-said (historical pronouns, of course). Under those conditions there is no possible justice, either to an aggrieved female, or to an innocent male.

Think of Anita Hill vs. Justice Thomas. Hill has lived an entire life as an aggrieved woman; Thomas has lived his life under the cloud of an unprovable accusation.

But under Class Warfare rules, the male always loses, period. That is being applied by the Left to its own males, which is aggravated by the fact that most of them deserve it and admit to deserving it. But those who deny their own guilt are not afforded any protection under "innocent until proven guilty". The Leftist tribal Marxist Class War Narrative sacrifices their own males to the Narrative. And this is absolutely necessary in order to take down Trump (an objective born purely of hatred, considering that Pence is conservative too, and untouchable by sex charges).

I personally believe that all of this sudden, unprecedented "virtue" of the Left is really about Trump. All of the sexual adventurism by these Leftists was "widely known and accepted" (i.e., fully tolerated) until Trump, when suddenly that which was tolerated by the entire Leftist community for many decades, instantly became morally INtolerable.

I wonder when MLK statues and street names will have to be removed due to his philanderings and sexual adventurism...

Troy said...

Regardless of what MLK did or didn't do, the fact that you casually switch from the topic of sexual assault to sexusl adventurims tells a lot about you. Just like homosexuality and pedophilia...
Is it really that hard for you to understand what CONSENT means?