Friday, December 29, 2017

Raw Power and Moral Condemnation

The video in the previous post takes us to the root of the massive, shrieking irrationality of the Left. At one point, Jordan Peterson cuts through the flak and reaches the basis for all of the posturing and squealing which characterizes Democrats and the Left: Power. Power through false moralization and moral condemnation.

This has been particularly acute during the final days of the Tax Bill, as it approached acceptance. There being no actual moral case to be made, the Left – including Pelosi and Schumer – fabricated evils which did not and do not exist, and made constant public displays of “moral” outrage at the false "attacks which the Republicans were making on" … well, on the helpless but holy Victimhood Class.

By keeping the focus of the MSM sycophants on the faux moral outrage rather than the facts of the bill, the Left was exerting the only remaining power which it has to keep their own troops from defecting.

This relates to the use of moral outrage to control. Moral outrage is power. When one cannot force the Deplorables into gulags, then the Deplorables must be controlled by the power of outraged moral condemnation. It doesn’t matter what the specifics of the moral principle are. What matters is whether the outrage works to the favor of the Left.

That is the explanation for the bizarre positions which the Left takes: each position must be the opposite of whatever principles or beliefs the Deplorables have. This constant inversion of morality is necessary, absolutely necessary, in order to be morally outraged that the Deplorables are against the all-new Leftist moral inversions. Other than morally inverting Deplorable’s historical morality, the Left has just the one fundamental principle: Attain Power, all of it. Hillary was supposed to have done that. She actually cut the Left loose.

The Left could not generate moral outrage and condemnation by using the historical morality of the Deplorables. If they used that morality, they would have no power whatsoever. It is absolutely essential that they invent new principles which are direct contradictions of the historical Deplorable morality.

And that explains not only the lathered, blithering histrionics of the Left now that it has no other power (even in the deep state, it now appears). It also explains the complete anti-rationalism which attaches to the moral outrage approach to power. It explains why the Left uses Classism: to focus moral outrage on the Oppressor Class.

For the Left, any tactic is moral if it produces power over the Deplorables. And that explains things such as body trails. Body trails were acceptable to Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, the Castros and Che, and now Maduro (the current example of the power of the Left to destroy the populace, especially opposition).

Alinsky must be laughing in his grave.

Consider these Leftist inversions:
Abortion. Inversion and denormalization of the value of human life by use of a Kill Class.

Homosexuality. Inversion and denormalization of heterosexual monogamy and family.

Gender Spectrum. Inversion and denormalization of binary biological sexual identity.

Racism and Anti-whiteness. Inversion and denormalization of classless society.

Multiculturalism/Intersectionality. Inversion of acculturalization and exceptionalism of western freedoms.

Equalitarianism. Inversion of individualism and merit-based rewards.

Triggers and Microaggressions. Inversion of traditional tolerance of differences.

Trump Derangement Syndrome. Inversion of rational assessment; power through moral outrage, false attributions and name calling (Ad Hominem Abusive).

Secularism/Humanism/Atheism. Inversion of the traditional cultural principles of Christianity and its influence on Western social and intellectual structures in Western nations. Substitution of the Leftist State as the source of everything "good".

Marxist Class War. Inversion of populism via the installation of messianic rebels and constant "revolution" as the power structure.

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