Friday, December 22, 2017

Still Not Tired

MORE WINNING: Germans Fear Huge Loss of Jobs from U.S. Tax Cuts

German economists are warning that the tax overhaul bill that now awaits the signature of President Donald Trump will mean that “significant amounts of new investment and jobs will shift from Europe to the United States,” according to the German business news publication Handelsblatt.

The United States has had a much higher tax rate for businesses than Germany and most of Europe. Under the tax reform bill, the corporate rate in the U.S. will fall to 21 percent, lower than the estimated 28.2 percent effective rate in Germany and close to the European average of 20.9 percent.
The proper tax rate for business is zero. Taxing business is surreptitious taxation of individuals, because business just increases retail price by the amount of their taxation. So the consumer pays, the unemployed pay, the economy pays and foreign imports gain.

The consumer pays the business tax, the freight fuel tax, all the regulatory fees and other government obstructions, PLUS the consumer pays his own income tax and until today had to pay a health insurance tax as well.

The tax bill reduces the cost of goods sold (COGS) to consumers, increases growth potential for businesses of all types, encourages business to stay and expand in the USA.

Just like Trump promised.

The Left has shifted into Hyper-Lying about the contents of the tax bill and its effects. They are terrified of losing even more of the middle class voters to the reality of rational governing. The Post-Truth Left depends purely on emotion, hence the emotional breakdowns of Pelosi and Schumer the past few days.

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